The MOC Show – Episode 2: The Secret Global Corporate Coup

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  1. Hello Mr. Camp, I have been watching from the shadows… I started at episode 3 and love your show, and mentality.. until this show…the Clarity show number two.
    You make a comment about putin.. So am I wrong, or are You of all people swallowing the American agenda..? Really? You?.. You state in almost every show that “America” [USA] is a Hegemonic Cult of stupendous proportions and that “they” spin lies and war at every turn.. so would it not follow that they also Lie about Russia and its leaders?.. If you stop and think about it, Russia made the USA possible.. yes they did, The Czar sent several ships to patrol the east and west coast of the soon to be USA when you all were in a lill tiff with the homeland , England. Check it out, they did. Not to forget that that evil RUssia also sold you Alaska for less than pennies on the thousand too, why you ask? well it was to help ensure that the USA would be free of oppression from the evil Queen…So perhaps an apology is in order.
    Now why does the USA hate russia sooo much..lets see.. Russia refused the Rothschild’s total control over their banking system [this had the Czar and kids killed] and a total revolution in russia as we all know.. but it was a crafted revolution, one started by the Rothschild banking Family, who are the most evil of all on this earth. I say this because it hit home, my great grandPArents Fled russia just after the death of the Czar in 1917 and because they were related to the Czar, they really had no choice but to flee… many of them were hunted down and murdered on the way to and even after they landed in Canada. My great Uncle was brutally murdered in BC canada when my mother was only one and the last and remaining [grandfather, grandmother and my baby Mother] fled and hid for twenty years in the back woods of BC. To this day I have public paranoia and doubts about everything stated by the media. After three generations of justified fear and paranoia I am not about to stand by and let you, a great mind and man walk down a path of misinformation. I am not attempting to be rude Lee [may I call you lee?] but rather its a big thing in my life as it has ruined it in many ways with no hope of it being repaired ever, not as long as the Rothschild’s rule the earth. Sometimes I even fear for my children… Should I live in fear? maybe not but then again you didn’t see the look in my mothers eye when she told me about what happened to her and her parents not so long ago.. That look, I know that look, abject fear and pain… its not a fake able thing…So back to the USA vs Russia thing, Look into Who set up the FED, who they were connected with and Who runs it today.. yes sir, if you follow the cash it all goes back to the Rothschild’s or one of their clan.

    I hope you do some reading and soul searching on this topic.

    J in Canada

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