The Exxxit Polls Are Way Off! (Web Exclusive)

  1. The Election Fraud Class Action Law Suit will be heard by SCOTUS and it has a docket number. Probably won’t affect this election, but it took this long for the law suit to work it’s way. The 11th Federal District Court took months to render their decision after the suit was held back by a judge’s recusal with no excuse. Debbie W Schultz was also named as a defendant. The fraud in 2010 is more organized. It began with the Black Out and Bernie persisted and broke through the black out. Then the Iowa app which Buttugige aid Shadow $42,000 last fall, a Buuturgige

  2. Sanders is NOT being paid to shut up. You don’t understand anything about how “rigged” this whole process is. He has to calculate his options now that it is pretty obvious to us that the establishment is cheating us again. The problem is the uninformed voters who just believe everything is always on the up and up and actually done democratically. To them, they will say we’re just bad sports. Those people are clueless to how much time, energy, and money the supporters of this revolution have expended. We know TPTB are trying to squash the revolution this way. But now it needs to go to the streets. We need to protest. Nationwide. If we can’t get millions to turn out in the streets now the revolution, and democracy, are over.

  3. The corruption on both sides of the aisle in DC has gone rampant each side is fighting for money and power, openly because their greed is causing desperation on their part. The Dems can’t stand that the Republicans are benefiting and vice versa. Meanwhile the Corporations are telling both sides what to do while handing over cash and perks but only to the government officials that push the corporate agenda. Us regular non -corporate voters and Americans are in the middle. Each side is telling us to hate the other or someone else so we can be distracted and not pay attention to the game being played before our eyes. The older folks per the corporate media want crap to stay the same yet don’t they see what is happening. No vote blue no matter who it’s crap, both sides suck from the corporations asses. We all must ban together and write tons of letters and protest together or we are going to keep getting handed crap from both sides of our supposed political parties. We must start a new party, brand new ,not the same as anything now. We don’t need the media Bernie has proven that. Unfortunately, anything Bernie does is being criticized heavily by our backward corporate media because they want no changes because life is filled with tons of cash for them and our corrupt government, they all are freaking out that the little people caught on but there is more of us then them.

  4. ‘Murica! No one will do anything about this. We’re shamed and ridiculed to shut our mouths otherwise we’ve got to be a tinfoil hat wearing nutjob.

  5. Sanders isn’t responding because the corporate media will use it against him (oh he’s crazy, Russian asset, Russian conspiracy, etc). I suspect he is looking into it behind the scenes but we have proof from previous elections that it doesn’t matter if you scream it from the rooftops, take it to court etc, nothing is done about it.

  6. The exxxit polls are WAY off!
    Sanders is getting robbed but Sandes doesn’t care.

    The electonic voting is changing the results again!

    With fake elections using voting machine and ballot counting you get fake results.
    The worse is that Sanders is not complain about the electronic elections, is acepted the fraud because he is paid to accept it.

  7. Remember the “count five and flip” computer programs that were created during the early years of this century? That sort of chicanery would be enough to account for this 8% shift that is visible between exit machines and the polls.

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