The Criminal Reform Bill Is Not What You Think [VIDEO]

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Yes, I’ve been told that Comcast in California dropped RT recently. The way to get our show is to go to or get DirecTV. Every show (and every VIP) is up at

  2. Dear Lee Camp,

    My Comcast Limited Basic stopped airing RT as of 12/31. I asked how to get it, they didn’t know, offered 4 stations with undefined acronyms and content. I called my rep. and sens. I can’t call the D. o. J. as the government is shutdown. I just streamed your most recent show. I hope VIP is posted soon. I also miss On Contact.

    Wendy Thorpe

    PS RT was replaced with a station that airs “The Perfect Dog,” shows me how to flip burgers, and how to erase wrinkles from my forehead. All this is adding wrinkles to my forehead!

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