New Study: Most Of Your Tax Dollars Go To The Pentagon [VIDEO]

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  1. Lee, please stop talking about how our “tax dollars” pay for this or that. They don’t. This is a false narrative when we know how our sovereign nation works concerning spending and taxing. I love most of what you say…you are spot on. But, on this tax and spend nonsense you have it completely wrong…our economy works on spend and then tax. Talk about how that spending should benefit the greater good, rather than on the MIC. No one ever complains about how we gonna pay for the incredible increase in spending on “defense”. Please learn how our monetary systems actually works. On other subjects…keep up the good work.

  2. There is no such thing as a tax dollar that “funds” federal spending. Dollars emanate from the currency issuer when it spends and disappear when they are collected as federal “revenue”. There are only tax ex-dollars.

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