1. Thank you for your thoughts. And I hope you’re right about Occupy. I think it will definitely leave a slightly better world for everyone.

  2. Thank you, Lee, for all you do. I posted this for my friends and family far and wide to listen to, that they might wake up and understand the reality of our country today. I hope that the world I leave to my children will be a little better because of the Occupy movement. Your thoughts help me hold on to that hope.

  3. When I closed out my Chase account before leaving Colorado to come out here, I mentioned the donation to the clerk when she asked my I wanted to close out my account.

  4. Thanks Mark. Yeah, I knew that but failed to mention it. I think I mentioned in a previous podcast that it was an already-established gift but it’s still the most money donated to the NYPD. Anyway, thanks for listening!

  5. Love, love, love, love what you do.

    However, just want to correct the Chase 4.6 million donation happened before Occupy Wall Street. The donation goes back to 2010 actually.

    Nevertheless, it is no different than the mafia donating millions in gifts to the police department, and people should process it at as such.



  6. Watching and Listening from 7000 miles away. Sad Day -but instructive. THEY will not let US be heard… but WE will be heard, like it or not.

    Been following your focused spot-on intensity since discovering you some months ago. Someone had to takeover where George Carlin left off… and if he’s looking down or up, as the case may be, I’m sure he approves.

    Love you man.


  7. Lee,

    Thanks for keeping us informed…it is a sad time for America…Police state, yes…state run media, yes…the stooges that do the dirty work for the 1% will someday pay for their misdeeds.

    I appreciate the Pod Cast and the point of hope…I agree it will grow. It reminds me of a quote I believe from the movie Swordfish? spoken by John Travolta’s character..”When all else fails..Fresh tactics”!


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