Audio Podcast #208 – The banks’ evil magic trick, NYPD wastes a million hours, how FB knows if you’re gay and much more….

1) Music by Rebel Inc. and Lupe Fiasco
2) Facebook can tell if you’re gay from your “likes” – CLICK HERE
3) We have too much shit – CLICK HERE
4) Racial bias in Google search results – CLICK HERE.
5) NYPD wastes one million hours on pot arrests – CLICK HERE.
7) If you want to help MOC without money, go to

  1. your awesome man. im a 2nd amendment ….constitutional lover. you deserve to lead the nation of realism americans to the impeachment and all the fucked up congresss..monisanto..bankers…ect. this is off my exbox so im having a hard time wrighting. im from castle rock washington. i would love an amred march on the capital to kick the obabma administration…i would totally drive over with my ak47 and 2k rounds to help.. i love your thoughts and belifs. call or text 360 747 2599 or email [email protected] if there is anything i can do to help your mine and the oblivious to the fact.. movement of the re-creation of the american…merica im totally down to help please text calll or even email me. keep fighting

  2. This was the first video I saw of you on YouTube yesterday: which led to Zeitgeist Media Festival performance – (I joined), then more and more and more. When one group of the tribe finds another group of the tribe while wandering, it’s a wonderful moment. We stay up around the fire talking all night getting to know one another while recognizing there are others “out there” who are also loosly connected in many way to the issues uniting all of us. We recognize what’s been is no longer working and we are gradually finding and joining others as the awakening gains momentum.

    Increasingly, more and more laid off, out of work, debt-ridden-graduates with no job prospects, evicted and scammed wage slaves have their “Moment of Clarity” and realize we can’t get “there” from “here”.
    Something major has to change and the current aristocracy of the 800 or so families/people who own 80% of the stock of the few hundred corporations that own/run the world are being seen for who and what they are: The Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies of our generation. The rest of us are serfs and owned as before; just in less obvious ways. “Keep Fighting!”

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