Adam McKay, Writer/Director of “Don’t Look Up,” Talks with Lee Camp
  1. It’s a shame when the truly great things, like your show, aren’t nearly as widely celebrated for their greatness as they should be in their own time. The “joke” you had with Adam McKay about this being the pinnacle of his career is the stark reality of the situation, in my honest opinion. He makes fantasies to make money. You sacrifice a lot of money, which you could make being a comedy shill for any old corporate interest, to transform intolerable news into something people can stand to hear without shooting themselves in the head, and in the process informing people so that they can each go on to make a real difference in the world.

    You are nearly the greatest Marshal for the army of the informed that I have witnessed in my lifetime, second only to Julian Assange himself. In lifetimes to come, you will be lauded for the hero you are, my friend. I’m doing my part to make sure of it by saving every episode of your show to offline archives… just in case. I also bring a huge amount of the information you impart to more people who don’t normally listen to such raw information sources. Thank you for empowering me to do so. Carry on, Sir!

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