Redacted Tonight Stand-Up Comedy Special with Lee Camp

In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp performs live stand-up comedy at the famous Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City. He tackles everything from our fear of ISIS to the growing surveillance state to why Starbucks is evil. All taped live in New York!

  1. in near future Murdoch and global capitlasim will be judged crimes against humanity. Foxnews works if youre severely senile and or severely braindead. THANKS LEE CAMP!

  2. hope the cia dont get lee like they got hunter s thompson bill hicks george carlin assange and max blumenthal jfk rfk mlk etc etc etc . Braindeath is rapidly becoming the new global capitlast culture. making a big tv spectacle from emptyheaded soulss cooking shows Overgroomed thin banker replicants and Nazi haircuts with 19th century steampunk beard is hip.?? God help the future. Pathetic blue suits even brainless cooks wear because theyre all looking up to bankers kurt cobain william burroughs any major artist look on this world and puke and sob

  3. sick and tired of the endless rightwing conservative global masturbation and ceaseless crimes against heart and soul. thanks Lee

  4. Lee Camp is absolutely correct about the death of freedom, equality and justice in USA and every global neoliberal hellhole in world where a capitlast dictatorship acts like a cancer on the world killing people on the inside and out, In the hubris of bailouts the gestapo cia go after the Left who see how wrong it all is and shut good people like Assange because they could so easily spark a revolt with simple truths about this incredibly corrupt war machine police state capitlast dictatorship.

  5. Keep it up lee. Better than most netflix comedy shows because its actually about something

  6. Why does everyone blame the Kardashians. How are their lives any more offensive than yours. They’ve got some money because Hollywood pays. Why is the circus they’re playing any worse than the one you inhabit

  7. Great kick-ass routine; Redacted Tonight is one of my weekly highlights here in Spain, and a great antidote to the right leaning USA and UK. Rock On Lee!:)

  8. Great stuff Lee. That standup was more educational than comical which is good because that audience needed some truth shoved down their throat. As do most all Americans. But most Americans are too busy being hypnotized by Kim Kardashians staged disgusting life to give a shit. Which is why I have come to the conclusion of fuck humanity.. I love art. And that is what you are making Lee.

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