Denver Police Destroy Homes For The Homeless, Arrests Builders

Denver did something really cool recently. Volunteers built micro-homes for homeless residents – for free! Denver also did something really not cool recently. The Denver police department tore down the micro-homes and arrested the volunteers. Lee Camp explains on Redacted Tonight.

  1. Ooops, damn touch screens. In
    Nutshell we have reverted to barbarism and it truly distresses me.
    What kind of world are we leaving our children?

    Thank you. Lee for documenting what greed is doing to our nation.

    Maybe he sounds a little too radical for some but I think Bernie Sanders
    Is the only leader that will will at least try to s type stop it.

    God save us from the wealthy. They have some notion that they should inherited the Earth.
    Sounds like Fascism to me.

    Love you man, keep up the great work.

  2. Damn, that actually was kind of a dick move on the PD’s part… I can slightly understand if they tore ’em down due to zoning issues, but seriously, because someone gave a safe resting place for the countless homeless in Denver, they gotta tear it down and arrest the builders? That’s low, even for the boys in blue.

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