‘Redacted Tonight’ Permanently Ended By US Gov’t War Machine

My TV show “Redacted Tonight” brought you anti-war, anti-corporate comedy every week for 8 years. Today it was ended in a matter of minutes by the US government war machine. (While RT America has not given a specific reason for shutting down, it’s likely due to US sanctions on Russia.) You can continue to support my work at http://Patreon.com/LeeCamp. This is not over. I hope you’ll join me and keep fighting!

  1. 20 billionaires selected every 4 years by popular vote, not to be taxed at 10% of net worth, in addition to all other taxes.. So the Elon Musk’s can go on innovating, if they can make their case. Ah gee, eventually they will be under a billion😕. If you live to 100 years old, you will be approximately 3.3 billion seconds old. So from birth to death, having a billion, means a dollar bill floats into your account, every 3.3 seconds. If you were born on a desert island, only inhabitant, this could never happen.
    Unless they are doing great good for society, nobody “needs” more than 1 billion. Give them a Gold Star on Wall Street, a terrific “attaboy.”
    By doing the elections, we will be kept up-to-date on the doings of our precious Oligarchs. They will toot their horns loud and clear on this one.
    For the math challenged, that’s roughly $15/minute, $90/hour. 24 x$90 every single day, for life. $1260 per day, for life. This is just an approximation, a conservative one. Rounded 3.3 up to 4.

  2. I enjoyed the show, and found you to be damn funny. I am so glad that I never had to find out if you would follow the RT line calling the invasion a “Special Operation”. Afshin Rattansi isn’t towing the line, I hope he continues.

  3. Been watching RTA since Lauren Lister caught my eye – years ago. My what a spitfire she was! Lee, you’re brave, resourceful, but most of all …entertaining. Great stuff ahead – I’m sure.

  4. The moment that I discovered that “RT” stood for Russian Television my first thought was that was going to be a problem. Not just with something like this happening but a perception of credibility. I like to say that, “even if they are foreign agents, they never have to use any propaganda …all they have to do is tell the fucking truth.”

  5. Seen this before in communist Cuba, suppression of main and social media, etc. Gov Officials control of everything either being communist or capitalist. US corporate owned government officials – no difference. The US – The Corporate Communism country. Keep fighting Lee Camp.

  6. Seen this before in communist Cuba, suppression of main and social media, etc. Keep fighting Lee Camp.

  7. Keep fighting the good fight Sir even when ya show was redacted by very folk ya exposed , really think class action law suits are in order against some platforms ulube that blocked traffic, took down shows , unsubscribed ,from any content creators !

  8. Thanks Lee, I love your show. You have been an inspiration for me and for so many others. In fact, right after your show was cancelled, they cancelled my up-and-coming docudrama, “NATO Follies”- before I even started the first episode. Wage Peace.

  9. Not surprising.
    This is the new hysteria, replacing Covid.
    There always has to be one. It’ll blow over, just like everything else, but it’ll take awhile.
    The corporate press creates a binary in the brains of those who consume it. Black & white. Good & bad. Now that Russia is the new evil, everything Russian has to be attacked 🙄

  10. Outfuckingrageous! I hope that you and your team can find a way to keep the show going on another platform, but I understand the difficulty in doing that. I hope you know that your fans will follow you to any platform you use. KEEP FIGHTING LEE! So sorry for all the Redacted Tonight crew that this has happened

  11. This is a major hit to Truth… I started on RT with The Keiser Report, Then Breaking The Set with Abby Martin, then Redacted Tonight, and also Cross Talk which will all be sadly missed. On top of this all the great documentaries. Let’s not forget Jesse and Tyrel, and Dennis Miller, and William Shatner.

    Thank you Lee for the great comedy, so refreshing in a world of group think, and all the great guests. You took the torch from Bill Maher, (who is painful to watch now), and created a special blend of political satire and info that will be tough to replace.

  12. Total bummer. These are dark times. Mainstream media has sold itself to the devil.

  13. This is straight up censorship!

    What have we become as a nation? What the hell are our values?

    Seriously, it looks like we’re becoming a full-on fascist dystopian society!

  14. I’m gutted Lee. Such piss weak warmongering policy from the West and US especially. I look forward to your next adventure if this farce continues for any length of time. Good luck to you and yours from devoted fan down under…

  15. I saw this coming. We’re in a new era of McCarthyism. Time for somebody to write a new version of The Crucible.

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