Redacted Tonight #262 – The REAL Reasons For Trump’s Impeachment

  1. If supporting a war was an impeachable offense Trump wouldn’t have been our 45th president….he would have been our 134th president.

    And BTW, the Yemen started when Obama was president, and he fully supported it. Just saying….

  2. Bottomless Pit of trump corruption
    Great rundown on the some other excellent reasons for impeachment.

    Just a few points of clarification:
    • White House Officials Sought to Lock Down All Records of Incriminating Calls; Files Were Hidden in Special NSC Standalone Computer System Used for Codeword-Level Data; in addition to Ukrainian calls, the other calls that were placed in this supper-secret server were calls to the dark age Saudi-Arabian monarchs, N Korea’s Kim, Communist China’s Xi, among others;

    • Don’s Secret Server Equals Nixon’s Tapes;

    • Trump Joins Jefferson Davis in Infamy by evoking specter of Civil War if he is Legally Impeached and Removed from Office; Tenant of Oval Tramples Constitution!
    As a student of history I say, Never Again to Civil War.
    Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger Finds that Civil War Tweet “Beyond Repugnant”.
    A suggestion for republicans is to follow these critical thinking folks that see the damage wrought by Don the Con. Among others are the 3, yes three republicans that want to challenge trump in primaries; if the GOP corrupt bigwigs allow it.
    These same GOP bigwigs are exposed as Babbling Ventriloquist’s Dummies as using tired Talking Points.

    • Finely, with White House in Panic, Nuclear Launch Codes Must Be Impounded on Model of Kissinger-Schlesinger-Laird Containment of Unstable Nixon; World Catastrophe Must Be Avoided, in a flippant flight to distraction from the chief twitter.

    Impeachment inquiry is a Righteous cause, and must be followed through.

    PS I’m a political agnostic.

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