Redacted Tonight #224 – REVEALED: Factory Farms Cook Animals Alive

2 responses to “Redacted Tonight #224 – REVEALED: Factory Farms Cook Animals Alive”

  1. Jho blho says:

    Hey Lee, you do have an impact because interviews like this are what I remember when I go grocery shopping and I usually don’t buy meat… I’m not a vegetarian, but factory farming is just abhorrent. BTW lmpossible Burgers are NO replacement for beef, just saying. I need to find a 4H kid and maybe form a collective of buyers who don’t want a whole freezer full of animal but want to support the ethical treatment of animals and to help the 4H kids, too.

  2. Bulls on Parade says:

    Is there a donation portal for a legal defense fund for Matt? It’s possible I missed it, but I’m ready to chip in to help him out.

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