Redacted Tonight #224 – REVEALED: Factory Farms Cook Animals Alive

Lee Camp interviews Matt Johnson, an animal rights activist with the group Direct Action Everywhere. He’s currently facing felony charges for exposing the brutality of the factory farming industry. An Iowa pork producer was using brutal methods to massacre surplus pigs whose meat they couldn’t harvest because of slow downs in the covid economy.
  1. Hey Lee, you do have an impact because interviews like this are what I remember when I go grocery shopping and I usually don’t buy meat… I’m not a vegetarian, but factory farming is just abhorrent. BTW lmpossible Burgers are NO replacement for beef, just saying. I need to find a 4H kid and maybe form a collective of buyers who don’t want a whole freezer full of animal but want to support the ethical treatment of animals and to help the 4H kids, too.

  2. Is there a donation portal for a legal defense fund for Matt? It’s possible I missed it, but I’m ready to chip in to help him out.

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