The First Review of My New Album Is Here –

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Here are the highlights from the review in Punchline Magazine:

“We highly recommend you pick up a copy of Camp’s new album.”

“His antic and intensely interesting new CD from Stand Up! Records, ‘Chaos for the Weary’ (available Friday), even comes with the Carlin seal of approval, courtesy of Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comic Zeus. As if the praise were jet propellant, Camp launches onto the stage and soars into the sarcasm stratosphere, instantly displaying the verbal dexterity and indignation necessary to merit the mantel…”

“Although clearly a Carlin acolyte, Camp has his own style. He knows when to downshift, easing into another rant with amusing asides, effectively silly jokes that change the pace, lighten the mood.”

“His approach can be scattershot (his mind works faster than the audience’s at times, creating pockets of silence that Camp acknowledges but bulldozes through), but his semiautomatic delivery sprays the crowd with a fusillade of words, ideas and images bound to nick a nerve and funny bone.”

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