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  1. Prof Chomsky is right, there is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, a difference explained by François De La Rochefoucauld: “L’hypocrisie est un hommage que le vice rend à la vertu.” Democrats rend that hommage in spades, Republicans do not. Just about all the Democrats SAY, “We are all threatened by Climate Change. We must take strong action against it,” and then vote (and Obama worked hard with executive actions, as I’m sure Biden will do over the next four years) to double fossil fuel production with fracking and other very harmful extraction methods. But at least they SAY the right thing, even if they do the opposite.
    Republicans SAY, “Climate change is a hoax.”
    So Democrat words rend full hommage to virtue, while Republican words do not. Actions, however, are about the same.

  2. MIchael Lewis Kahn :
    Those who took the vaccine will not die within 3 years.
    It’s more likely that those who didn’t will.

  3. It is curious that Chomsky put the climate change as the most dire problem today, and did not mention the covid crisis. Those that take or have taken the vaccine will die in no later than three years after taking it, so perhaps half the planet’s people will be dead by then, or more. But he avoided that issue entirely. He has refused to acknowledge that 9-11 was a demolition job, and still supports democrat politicians who vote like republicans and Biden has proven to be a contemptible lying hypocrite, and Chomsky supports him. What are you thinking when you agree with him? I am fully aware of who he is, and have read three of his books. As much a critic of US mllitary as he is, I have evidence that he works with the CIA, and is a gatekeeper. Investigate who you support and honor. Sometimes our leaders and voices are not kosher.

  4. Chomsky seems to have confidence in the establishments’ new green deal and in politicians taking action to make it work. I have shown in my book and other places that Chomsky is a shill. He knows full well the complicity of politicians, both democrat and republican to do the will of the globalists. Anything that they do would be against the interest of the people. Have some intelligence and principles and don’t give false hope in politiicians. The time for petitioning and begging and lobbying is over. Politicians have shown their colors. It is time for the people to make demands, and to find a way to have our demands met. Politicians are not incompetent, are not stupid, are not in disagreement with one another. They are in league with evil powers.

  5. Thank you Noam for a lifetime of service. RE: “Republicans have moved very far to the right”. What you’re not receiving in your information &. personal contact feeds is the difference in the decentralized SOCIAL-ECONOMIC-‘PROCESSES’, which Republicans filter their information through & make Republican positions upon versus the centralized structures, which Democrats base their decisions upon. Its not so much the ‘hot-air’ content perpetually issuing from the mouths of bought-politicians (all are beholding to some form of ‘exogenous’ Latin ‘other-generated’ financing), as the ‘processes’ through which we all engage the positive creative capacities of our whole population. Personally, I suppose I’ve gone so far to the left as to gain appreciation for elements of the right.
    Republicans are based in the rural states, where the farmer & other local economies are the foundation. Republicans are willing & wanting to build from the bottom up in local industry. The reason Ron Paul became the leading anti-war advocate on right, putting to shame falsely-called left-warmongers, is that he tapped into this right-wing decentralized ‘process’.
    Democrats are big institutional system compliers focused on implementing government & corporate policy from the top-down including the perpetual foreign wars it takes to steal the resources (human & physical) needed to operate these deficit-based hierarchies at home.
    Both party apparatchik are beholding to big oligarch money basically coming from the Multinational minority but controlling share holders of the US Federal Reserve.
    If the left recognizes the inherent capacities of its fellows organizing ‘from-the-TREEROOTS’ (‘deep, concerted, specialized & united’) in the natural places of our congregation in our ‘Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes’ (eg. apartment, townhouse & village), where 70% of us live today, as well as being active multistakeholder participatory investors into our workplaces & local commerce, then we are speaking the same language & can unite with the right.
    The average right-winger is closer to a ‘fractal’ (‘fraction, multiplier, building-block, empowered on all levels’) form of government than the lefty. In any case right & left are complementary, each holding dysfunctional fragments of what was once a worldwide integrated fractal system of ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) empowerment for all individuals, families, multihomes, neighbourhoods, cities, regions, nations, confederacies & continental councils. Indigenous & First Nation is still the only sovereignty here.
    SECULAR-POLITICS Isn’t it time to put our efforts into integrated left-right local collective empowerment rather than endless apparatchik manipulations of a political system colonially designed to command & control?

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