Podcast#80 – The Truth About The Occupy Wall Street Protest

  1. You want all the troops home? Are you behind Ron Paul? Check this out:


    It’s not just corporations, Wall Street & greed.
    It’s the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and the fact that the corporations own the government and use the power (FORCE) of the government to perpetuate endless war…
    The only person consistently speaking the truth(and voting accordingly)for the last 30 years is Ron Paul.

  2. http://www.LeeCamp.com/schedule – the top three entries on the page are all Canada gigs. Did you try reloading the page? Not sure why it didn’t work for you. Anyway, I will be at the Ottawa Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Oct 20 thru 22. I will be doing one show in Montreal at Alan Lord’s book signing on the Oct 25th (email [email protected] for more details). And I will be playing the Toronto Yuk Yuk’s Oct 27 thru 29.

  3. I wanted to inform my friends that you’d be in Toronto and Montreal(I’m in Tunisia. SHIT) Nothing for Canadian gigs shows up on your schedule…

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