Podcast #308 – Sam Sacks joins the podcast as Hillary Clinton goes on the war path

Team Redacted reveals the real reason behind Right To Farm bills and the decline of Wal-Mart. Sam Sacks gets a robot to do his job, and John F. O’Donnell embraces a kinder, gentler type of corporation.

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp airs every Friday at 8pm EST on RT America and every episode can also be found on www.YouTube.com/RTAmerica.

  1. First it was Chris Christie rerouting funds and the bridge scandal, then Rick Perry under indictment, now Hillary is proving to be a backstabbing, greedy jerk. The candidates are thinning out early this time around!

  2. Scary thing that I think everyone’s thinking is that the police seem to be getting more cruel and trigger happy…less serve and protect, more shoot first, ask questions later. I’m hearing so many stories lately about police violence, like the cops who fired a flash bomb into a house with children and one went off in a baby’s crib, leaving him with 3rd-degree burns, just to search a house for drugs. The police don’t seem to be using any caution any more. It’s like they all think they’re in Iraq now, big, bad soldiers who want to pretend they’re John Wayne. In the case of Ferguson, it’s more like Barney Fife.
    Used to be, people would sue the department and the cops would try harder or learn a lesson. Not any more. It’s going to become a major problem for Americans (even more so than now) very soon.

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