Podcast #336 – Overwhelming panic in America, Chelsea Manning, and more… (click to play)

  1. No muthafucka, I do not like that! All new, all original content all the time! I don’t get RT, but the YouTube episode is late Friday ritual at this point. Don’t fuck with that, and fuck what anybody else says. I like hearing you and John riffing on the podcast, and it’s nice when he lets you talk. Story time is a bit hit and miss, but that’s the creative process, I get that and appreciate it. I’m thinking, maybe podcast content should be exclusive… well, inclusively exclusive. You could take one topic we’re all big on and follow it’s progress week to week. Say the TPP, what’s the latest, here’s a little more from the Wikileaks articles translated for the lay-activist, who’s yea, who’s nay, why, and so on. Also, a weekly five minute Jill Stein update and plug would be nice, you know keep throwing it out there for the collective conscience to pick up on. Thanks for your consideration. Love the show, the cast and the podcast. Solidarity, and “keep fighting!”

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