Podcast #333 – Insane tuition, New Gaza flotilla, Drone pilots quitting in droves…”

  1. I get John’s point, but the left and right are not as different as they pretend to be. I think they make a hella lot o money off of people thinking they are different. We want change? We need to change parties… get the green party and independent parties to have an actual chance again. Left, Right, it is all big bought and sold money to me. They already sing kumbiyah together, they ARE together in screwing the country. … Great podcasts you guys! I love to hear your back and forth and no matter what a rise in humanity is all we all want. 🙂

  2. Double the fun with 2xMOC!

    Absolutely L-O-V-E the points system! Crucial to keeping audience attention!

    Rain water collection is illegal in a county in FL and I’m pretty sure they aren’t alone in the USA.

    I wondered who was getting polled but then last week I received a call from Gallup asking for the head of the household–not me so the agency hung up the phone. boo hoo. But fun fact: to get a margin of error within 3% of the attitudes of 330 million people in the US, it only takes polling a little over 5,000 people (omg my $200,000 of college debt paid off as a sociology major to list this fun fact! slightly less cool fact, I also majored in philosophy and I need housing).

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