Podcast #315 – The top 25 censored stories of the year

Team Redacted reports on media manipulation. John F. O’Donnell reviews Yelp, and Sam Sacks gets sued by AIG.

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp airs every Friday at 8pm EST on RT America and every episode can also be found on www.YouTube.com/RTAmerica.

  1. Israel found guilty of incitement to genocide! That should have been reported in the news! The poor Palestinians are being exterminated– the Israeli border agents won’t allow most food or medical supplies into Gaza. The strip has become a post WWII death camp and no one’s talking about it!

    Or how about U.N. peacekeepers brought cholera into Haiti, it’s killed about 8,000 people, and they won’t accept any responsibility for it. Or the fact that the U.S. has a patent on Ebola and is sending thousands of military to Africa, with no medical training, to keep 70% of the population of west Africa isolated (but oh, yeah, it’s still ok if you want to FLY to America, come on over!)

  2. Wonderful that REDACTED TONIGHT is on RT.

    RT is my reliable source for World News and commentary.

    How does this network find all the bright, intelligent commentators
    and Interviewers? Mosst all of them, lovely young ladies.

    I’m 94 years of age and loving it!

    Marc Stratton; Rollag, Minnesota.

  3. Interesting how America and Canada (America Jr.) get stirred up by the “leaked” beheading video. Why don’t they show the national sport of Saudi Arabia,public stoning of women and the public beheading. of infidels? Panneta just told us to expect a 30 year war with Isis. Jobs Jobs Jobs! And lot’s of big money for for the profiteers. Imagine if all those trillions went to health,education,clean energy and human compassion. America could actually become a true beacon to the world. I can dream can’t I.?

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