Common Censored 14 – Supreme Court, Dawn of Humanity & Solidarity of the Shaken

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  1. Mr. Camp. I’ve watched for a while now with a mixture of admiration and horror. Mostly because of what you’re bravely reporting on and its implications. I repost you often on my Facebook page. So far they they haven’t shut me down yet. Which is surprising considering my prominently displayed anti establishment paintings. Keep up the good fight. There are folks trying to help .

  2. It is funky how scotus allows current legislation build-up to proceed without review. There is no filter the fascist base aristocratic rich and or corporate are exploiting our nation undeniably.

  3. I would say that we have a society but on Corporate Socialism at present… Which Mussolini called “Corporatism”, as a polite version of Fascism… That’s what we could call it if $hillary had been announced as our winner. Now “Fascism” seems more and more appropriate.

    As a “Peace and Freedom”- guy, I’m allegedly a Socialist voter… But I’m really a state Citizen… So a rather pro-Socialist ELECTOR is the proper term… As far as that goes, I believe that any system that you can’t opt-out of… winds up being dangerous.

    Personally, while I eschew the made-up term “Sovereign Citizen”, not only because US courts have alleged that they don’t exist – and the FBI calls them “Terrorists”; I call myself one of the People of California – whom the STATE Constitution reckons are Sovereign, within THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. So while I avoid Federal benefits myself (since the costs associated are too high, and I also feel quite capable of surviving on my own, without them), I understand that others may actually need them… so I push for them to get a better deal out of it. So I, like Emma Goldman, push for a revolution that you can dance to. Anarco-Libertarian Democratic Socialism (Social Democracy – I’ve heard is the correct term, for places like Sweden) is what I would call it… when it comes to self-labeling.

    As for Ed Schultz… When my radio show was killed at KPFK (Pacifica Radio)… for reasons similar to those you’ve elaborated as being appurtenant to him at MSNBC… Ed took a few calls from me, on-air, virtually live. It was gratifying to be able to speak freely on the radio, and unlike KPFK (which had stopped taking listener calls) – Ed Schultz allowed space for voices other than his own. Even a voice like mine, which was significantly to the left of his, or any other DEMOCRAT’s, was welcome on his show. That earned him my loyal support as a fan, and my personal gratitude – since he gave me a crack at my old audience (since KPFK was losing the audience we had built there in the early 2000’s to Air America, by that point) and others, besides.

    While some would have decried my on-air comments to him as being perhaps “conspiratorial” – Ed seemed to realize that the things I was talking about were well founded in verifiable facts and solid research, and gave me the space and outlet I needed – if only for my own sanity. He made his callers feel WELCOME, myself included.

    Ed Schultz – PRESENTE’!!!

  4. Eleanor summed up perfectly what I’ve tried to articulate for years about the isms we ascribe to our political identities. Lee has done some great commentary on it as well. And it’s really a privilege to get to support you on Patreon. That’s some quality work you do. Appreciate the shout out.

  5. That’s for sure to both Lee and Travis. Its a very unnerving situation all in all. The SCOTUS is an inherently undemocratic institution anyway. They are completely unaccountable to us the people who the government is supposed to be of, by and for us.

  6. Hey, just want to say many thanks for all your work in clearing out the corporate bs, and making it humorous enough so that I don’t get totally depressed listening to it too! Don’t ever quit Lee, you’re doing great stuff here.

  7. Not sure which party would nominate more destructive nominees. They all want to take or control. Nobody is really defending our rights. They argue different ways to screw us.

  8. You guys unpacked a lot in this episode. I think I have always been more wary of the Supreme Court because the first class I was in that ever really dove into the workings and such was a Business class I took in high school. Social Studies/History really glossed over anything regarding the SCOTUS. Hell the first time I heard Roe v. Wade cited and learned what that was all about also Business class. Just seems to me like Business has (by and large) much more of a vested interest in the workings of SCOTUS than the average “lay man” as it were.

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