Common Censored 14 – Supreme Court, Dawn of Humanity & Solidarity of the Shaken

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6 responses to “Common Censored 14 – Supreme Court, Dawn of Humanity & Solidarity of the Shaken”

  1. Anthony says:

    Eleanor summed up perfectly what I’ve tried to articulate for years about the isms we ascribe to our political identities. Lee has done some great commentary on it as well. And it’s really a privilege to get to support you on Patreon. That’s some quality work you do. Appreciate the shout out.

  2. Tom K. says:

    That’s for sure to both Lee and Travis. Its a very unnerving situation all in all. The SCOTUS is an inherently undemocratic institution anyway. They are completely unaccountable to us the people who the government is supposed to be of, by and for us.

  3. David Johnston says:

    Hey, just want to say many thanks for all your work in clearing out the corporate bs, and making it humorous enough so that I don’t get totally depressed listening to it too! Don’t ever quit Lee, you’re doing great stuff here.

  4. Travis Steffen says:

    Not sure which party would nominate more destructive nominees. They all want to take or control. Nobody is really defending our rights. They argue different ways to screw us.

  5. Lee Camp says:

    Yeah, they’re also paying a lot more attention.

  6. Tom K. says:

    You guys unpacked a lot in this episode. I think I have always been more wary of the Supreme Court because the first class I was in that ever really dove into the workings and such was a Business class I took in high school. Social Studies/History really glossed over anything regarding the SCOTUS. Hell the first time I heard Roe v. Wade cited and learned what that was all about also Business class. Just seems to me like Business has (by and large) much more of a vested interest in the workings of SCOTUS than the average “lay man” as it were.

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