Podcast #269 – The problem with black people, the problem with library books, & hactivist sentenced to 10 yrs in prison

1) Learn more about Jeremy Hammond sentenced to 10 years – Click here

2) More on library books having herpes – Click here

3) More on spears pre-dating humans – Click here

4) Song is “House Gone Up In Flames” by Tom Morello

4) Intro is by Becks and the Bullets

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  1. one more thing it is so not safe to be under a bridge during a tornado! I learned about this myth in one of my science classes, especially if you aren’t in a car – the tornado creates suction under the bridge and have cause major harm to people… but maybe safer than driving straight through. I also learned from that class that in a lightning storm if you crouch down and grab your ankles it will direct the current through your feet first and through the ground vs. going through your entire body.

    and fuck yes we should be more concerned with the harm our own government is doing to us! That should be THE question we ask and have answered before ANYONE else gets judged… it’s about priorities and our priorities need to be holding those accountable that should be (our government) and kicking those out who shouldn’t be involved in the process anyway (corporate interests, big money). There is no logic in the system. The government mocks scientists as “mad” with beakers full of chemicals meant to trick us and harm us… yet it is they who poison our food with untested chemicals and bacteria (GMO). There is a lack of logic in our system and a lack of ethics… these two areas need to be represented way more. Science is that, science… passing it off as “mad” to the general public does nothing but demonize the one true thing *I* believe is missing. If I could have my way there would be a scientific scholarly community in charge of making sure our government is accountable to the land it is preserving and the people it is taking care of…

    I have gone off on a tangent.. but seriously I am baffled by how LITTLE (or non at all) logic or true scientific reasoning is used in ANY of our governed processes.

    rambling. but stay awesome Lee you are an inspiration! 🙂

  2. Haha! Just listening to this now and I just busted out laughing on your joke about people not usually doing a bunch of coke while reading… “I rarely see people snortin lines while reading 50 shades of grey..” HILARIOUS. haha! now that is all I can picture… “HE DID WHAT??!?” cut to a bunch of guys in a rundown bathroom snorting lines and reading 50 shades of grey.. haha!

    I have never read the book but I am on tumblr and a bunch of teenagers ripped apart that book on there, apparently lots of grammatical errors and ridiculous story lines.. also, according to tumblr.. it wasn’t steamy at all… lol.

    anyway, loving this podcast! 🙂

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