Podcast #245 – NASA says we’re f**ked, sun changing polarity, crazy pants embassy closings, new MOC theme song, and more… [click here to play]

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1) Outro by Eddie Parrino, Click here for more – http://eddieparrino.bandcamp.com/

2) Intro by Santino Castagna, for more go here – soundcloud.com/causticlimax

3) More on Popular Resistance dot Org – www.PopularResistance.org 

4) For more on terrorism specialists calling the embassy closings “crazy pants” – CLICK HERE.

5) For more on Jeff Bezos buying Washington Post – CLICK HERE

6) For more on what Breaking Bad says about the Drug War – CLICK HERE.

7) For more on Wells Fargo – CLICK HERE.


8) To check out the new Clarity Collective page, go here – www.Clarity-Collective.tumblr.com

9) To learn more about Ed Fallon’s Climate March, click here – http://climatemarch.org/

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