Podcast #239 – The FBI gets even creepier, immigration reform collapsing, and much more…

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4) More on the death of Michael Hastings – CLICK HERE.


  1. James Corbett did a pretty good technical analysis on Michael Hastings that you might be interested in. Also I couldn’t help but notice that he and Media Monarchy have used a couple clips of yours. Guess you’re getting around more and more. Good job.

    Episode 274 – Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings



    Also don’t be too worried about the NSA spying thing. See, in order to effectively surveil one person you need to use about four other people. I’m not going to go into specifically why you need that many people because its needlessly complicated. To simplify you can say they all would have to work in shifts to cover a whole 24 hours and/or each needing to check in on different types of data. Which means its mathematically impossible to put everyone under effective total surveillance.

    A way they try to get around that is to automate it such as with computers hooked to CCTV’s hooked to Google hooked to a location heuristics algorithm database, etc. Well that opens up a massive security hole in their entire system. Automation is a hackers dream. Feed the system a bunch of “normal” digital biometric information and no alarms go off. If no alarms go off there’s no reason for an actual employed human being to look at file 5492-8B and notice “Hey, all this data is fake!”

    Then as long as citizen 5492-8B doesn’t do something ridiculously flashy and newsworthy they should be able to do pretty much whatever they want without needing to fear some dude peeping into their virtual bedroom eery night.

    Yes that’s a gross oversimplification of how the hacking and counter intelligence part of that really works but I hope it gets the basic idea across.


    Also if you would like to opt out of PRISM here’s a handy dandy website listing a bunch of open source alternatives to things like microsoft that are more secure BECAUSE they’re open source


    And here’s an interview explaining why open source things are more secure than official stuff and other handy tech security tidbits:

    Interview 703 – Tim Kilkenny on the Free Software Solution


    And the latest one on why Startpage.com is apparently more secure although I haven’t listened to it yet. But hey every bit helps.

    Interview 706 – Dr. Katherine Albrecht on the Startpage private search engine


    Well hope that helps a bit.

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