Common Censored #26 – Superpowers, Thumbnail Protest, Hate Mail

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  1. BTW, China only owns about 1.2 trillion out of our 21.5 trillion, so , no, they do not ‘own’ us. They enjoy loaning us money because of the interest, so it’s not like they’re going to get angry and demand payment, getting rid of their cash cow in the process. 70% of our debt is domestic, with a huge chunk owed to the Federal Reserve, treasury and social security.

  2. What do you guys have to say about a million muslims being forced into Chinese prison camps, or the fact that they use free forced labor, which is one of the reasons that their products are so cheap? How about the fact that they ‘help’ large, American corporations to open branches in China, then seize computers, files, patents and sensitive information while workers are held at gunpoint? Or how about their new citizen rating system, which won’t even allow those who’ve scored low on some obscure good-citizen rating system to take the bus? These horrible abuses alone should keep someone from saying “YAY China, stick it to the U.S.!” China, too, influences second- and third-world nations through their lending and infrastructure development plans (big push in India,) and is expanding their military, pushing into other countries and grabbing territory from weaker nations. Granted, it’s not as bad as America, but if they had the ability, their powerful elite would do it the same as we (and sometimes have!)

  3. There’s a point about China that most of America seems to miss. The Chinese have what is called “The Belt and Road Initiative”, also called the “New Silk Road”. Russia is involved in it. India, too, to some extent. China is spending hundreds of billions of dollars, in a bunch of mainly third world countries, building actual infrastructure, dams, roads, railroads, ports, etc.

    Now, they aren’t being particularly environmentally tidy about this, but they are actually uplifting the countries they are working with. Russia and China have invited the U.S. to join in, but, since it means the end of the whole Anglo-American-Euro financial oligarchy, you don’t hear shit about it here in the good old U.S.A.

    Except for, oddly enough, ‘Yan Can Cook”:

  4. Hate Mail Segment ;
    I am positive about Obama. I am positive that Obama, having waited till the end of his term, stood in front of the people of Flint and slapped them in the face by feigning a sippy -sip of of toxic Flint water- after Snyder was allowed to feign an apology as a warm up act for him.
    And I am positive that the city of Flint was used for target practice by the U.S. Army shortly after he left …

  5. I recommend the following book, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., thanks for your attention.

  6. I really could listen to you two all day, but I have a job I got to go to.
    Loved the put-down on frats, they really do have no purpose, except sexist behavior.

  7. We could save our empire if we used our people in the services to help rebuild and develope the countries we used this same team to destroy. The best way to make some thing like this to force the retirement of the Pentagon’s old generals and civilians that are bought by the weapons industry. We also need to strenghten the movemnets to help people and pensions to divest from weapons guns and big oil. Great show today. So glad we have discussions about issues I care about.

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