Podcast #235 – Brazil rocked, how to stop child labor, urgent action on climate change, and new music

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1) Intro music is by Hierosonic. Click here for more – http://hierosonic.com/

2) Closing music is “Stolen” by Jack Counteract, video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLyNCWaGQq8

3) More on ”standing man” protest in Turkey – CLICK HERE.

4) More on the defeat of the social security haters – CLICK HERE.

5) For more on Brazil protests – www.TheRealNews.com

6) More on Bank of America lying to homeowners in order to force them into foreclosure – CLICK HERE.

7) More on Michael Hastings – CLICK HERE.

  1. Lee, you asked how people can enslave other people. Now I’m not in anyway supporting it! Against it completely I assure you, but, the how I suspect is very relative to the larger social environment that incubates that sort of reasoning? Just saying.


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