Gov’t Secrets #26 – JFK Assassination Part 1 & New Fred Hampton Revelations

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  1. What was the name of JFK, Jr’s magazine? “George” He wasn’t referring to G.Washington. You know those private planes always in contact with tower, and sometimes recorded. By the by, GWBush Jr. was unaccounted for, for 3 days around the plane crash. Blood in, blood out.
    GHWBush & Co. has called the shots since 11/22/63.

  2. From the outset, I heard Jackie was reaching for the skull fragment on the limo. I NEVER heard anyone say she was reaching for the agent’s hand. Dan Rather helped channel Zappurder film, coverup begins. The film was then sent to my hometown, Rochester Ny, to the Kodak Hawkeye Plant, where the film was edited and sent to Washington, by Monday, for Congress. The reason why Hawkeye Plant is because only 2 editing sites in US; one in Hollywood, the other in Rochester. The Hawkeye Plant had been especially built, with state of the art anti intrusion features including armed guards, for years prior, and held the editing equipment. Basically, frames were edited to not show the driver actually stopped the car for fatal shot, and made head look like going forward, not back. Also, remember NO STATEMENTS were recorded of Oswald, despite his interrogation for many hours. Also, check out GHWBush photo outside book depository, with most recent CSI photo analysis proving he was there.

  3. Great show!
    The following Jefferson Morley article is well worth your time. The article includes thoughts from two very senior CIA officers.
    1. Rolf Mowatt Larssen (23 years at the CIA, including station chief, Moscow): “Only the very top people in our organization [CIA] could have done something like this..”
    2. James Jesus Angleton (the father of CIA-counterintelligence) said this to journalist Seymour Hersh re the JFK execution: “A mansion has many rooms, I’m not privy to who struck JFK.” Here’s a translation of the above quote by Rolf Mowatt-Larssen: “The mansion refers to the CIA. The rooms refer to compartments, where we hide information, control information. I’m not privy doesn’t necessarily mean ‘I don’t know,’ or ‘I don’t suspect.’ ‘I’m not privy’ [means] ‘I wasn’t in the loop.’” According to Mowatt-Larssen, Angleton “…confirms for me at a gut level…that he had a suspicion of a plot to kill JFK, if not more than that.“

  4. I was only beginning to appreciate Michael Hastings at the time he was killed. I remember following the independent coverage immediately after. Official explanations were not satisfactory. I vaguely remember his family asking people to stop asking questions, like Seth Rich’s family did. I hate to worsen anyone’s grief, but it’s kind of important. Also I can’t think why I would care what strangers speculated about, if it was me. Surely if I had the capacity to listen while overcome with grief, I’d want people to figure it out.

  5. Everyone please note: Craig is wrong. 21 of 22 nurses and doctors that saw Kennedy’s body at the hospital before it was taken to Washington say the back of his head was blown off. Read “JFK & The Unspeakable.”

  6. If you look at the Zapruder film closely, you can see the fatal shot pushing the president’s head violently forward. It happens between two frames. Dan Rather saw the film before almost anyone and described the move forward. The subsequent movement of the head was due to the exit of the bullet.

    Unfortunately Lee, the back of the head was not blown off. Where did you get that. It was the upper and occipital portions, and you can see that on the film. There was a rain of brain matter all over the limousine. If you freeze the film in the right place, you can see a projectile, possibly a bit of skull, going almost straight up, but with a tilt toward the front.

  7. I was on my way into a chemistry midterm when I overheard teachers in the hall whispering about JFK. Intelligent people my age haven’t forgotten and were aware at the time that Oswald was a dupe and the truth was being covered up. Biden has been part of the problem for 50 years, but I still have hope that he can be persuaded. The Clintons and Bushs are toast and I don’t think the Kennedy name carries the same weight anymore. But I’m just a left coast liberal who is sick and tired of living in a world full of liars and criminals.
    So many young people today don’t know the real history of the recent past. So THANK YOU, Lee Camp, for trying to educate them.(I also enjoy your musings!)

  8. No video or pic of Jackie reaching over trunk for the scull fragments. Frozen. They got to yall!

  9. Yes, the video freezes right at the spot when Graham is about to show some photos, and the video remains frozen the rest of the way.

  10. I know this might sound crazy but I remember as a Child that I was at a Family Friend’s Wedding Party and we knew these People were as MAFIA as they come. I overheard some People Talking about a Woman being used to Lure JFK into the open so they could Shoot Him and JFK was a well known Womanizer. During the Time JFK was President He and His Brother Bobby Kennedy were putting a lot of Pressure on Organized Crime. I then heard after JFK was Dead that Pressure on the MAFIA was Stopped. The Name of that Family was TIMBARIO and they were in the Norristown PA area. I also remember my High School Spanish Language Teacher telling the Class that when He was in the CIA they found Evidence that one of the Shots that Hit President Kennedy was traveling in an Upwards Direction and that there was no way from where Oswald was Firing from that could be Possible. British Intelligence also Discovered there was a Storm Drain directly to the Right side of the JFK Motorcade when He was Hit by the Fatal Head Shot and that in 1963 it was Possible for a Human Body to Fit into that Space and then Walk through the Underground Storm Drainage System for over a Mile and then make an Exit. That could account for that Upward Direction Shot and why no People that were there during the Shooting were able to visually see that Other Shooter. Then of course there is the case of Jack Ruby who had obvious MAFIA connections killing Oswald BEFORE He could even say anything and go to Trial !!!

  11. I was watching the TV when this happened. The (?)Zapruter Film taken by a bystander was shown several times on TV before they pulled it and made it “top secret”. I guarantee you the back part of his flew out on the back top of the car. Jackie was literally crawling back on the car to retrieve the part of his head. His head jerked back because he was SHOT FROM THE FRONT. Anyone who was alive watching TV (and the one on film) KNOWS the truth.

  12. Watch Dark Legacy I and Dark Legacy II about the assassinations of JFK and JFK Jr on Netflix.

  13. I’m with Graham: I can’t believe how stupid this country is. And if that weren’t enough, they have to keep proving it over and over and over again. (Sheesh!!)

  14. The video freezes just as they’re discussing the discrepancies between the video footage and the official statements on the JFK assassination. Coincidence? I think not…

  15. JFK the unspeakable is a great book, there is another good book, the Secret Team by L.Fletcher Prouty. Prouty was a Lt.Col. in the Air Force until 1964. What ever the CIA wanted the Air Force to do, the orders went through L.Fletcher Prouty’s office. He was the liason between the CIA and the Air Force, the CIA got Fletcher to go down to the south pole when JFK was assassinated. There is 1 film that was never showed anywhere on the planet and not given back to the family, that was the Orvill Nix film shot from the other side of the street.

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