Podcast #232 – Most extreme assault on privacy in US history, solving the world’s energy problems, stopping Walmart and more

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1) Intro music is “War” by Angels and Airwaves

2) Closing music is “The Armpit Song” by Siwan Clark – Click here to watch video.

3) More on the NSA’s wiretapping and spying on Americans – http://huff.to/1ba14El

4) Great interview on whistle blowers – www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbI4-IJrsuc

5) To learn more about the Walmart workers standing up – Click here.

6) Good news for coffee drinkers – Click here.

7) More on the artificial leaf – Click here.

  1. Inspired by Edward Snowdon’s interview…

    `Turnkey Tyranny’

    What is the price willingly paid
    When freedom and liberty is stolen away?
    By forces that impose their sanctioned goals,
    Regardless of the broader public price toll.

    Incipient, insidious government surveillance policy
    Contrived to impede malicious terrorist atrocity
    Purchased by acquiescent public consent
    Propagandized as injury or loss to life, to prevent

    As new generations become calloused to the intrusion
    The greater will be `Big Brother’ policy infusion
    Global society made impotent through complacency
    To potential One World Government’s turnkey tyranny

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