Podcast #230 – Opening your eyes, military power grab, Facebook face plants, Koch Bros. stick their tentacles in media, and new music


1) Leave a quick iTunes review of the MOC podcast by going to this link. It takes 30 seconds.  CLICK HERE

2) Info on the military’s recent power grab – CLICK HERE.

3) Info on how Facebook finally learned rape is bad for business – CLICK HERE.

4) Info on the Koch Bros. buying Tribune – CLICK HERE.

5) To watch the video for Holiday’s new song “Dainty Gent” – CLICK HERE.

  1. Miss your face Lee. Just doesn’t have the punch w/o the vid. Watching you get outraged is the best part. That, and figuring out WTF u have hanging on the wall behind you. Oh, and a coupla links didn’t work for me. Literally. They’re broken.


  2. re: Encounters with the politically apathetic; if they warrant more than the two syllable retort “bullshit”…and you don’t think their little brains will explode, remind them that you can’t be neutral on a moving train…Zinn said it best neutrality in the face of increasingly horrifying realities equates to collaboration. I say bullshit to apathetic neutrality.

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