Common Censored #117 – Stop Evictions, Covid-19 Raging & ICE Training Neighborhood Fascists

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  1. Very Fabric of US Society Threatened by Trump’s Lunatic Policies on Covid, Housing,
    Police Reform, and Disaster Relief; Time to Fight Eviction Catastrophe with Moratorium for Renters in Arrears: Current Temporary Ban on Evictions from Rental Units with Federal Mortgages Set to Expire on July 24 (July 26 in New York), Threatening Social Chaos as Tens of Millions of Tenants Risk Being Thrown Out on the Street in Midst of Deadly Pandemic, after One Third Could Not Pay June Rent.
    Harris Presents Relief Bill with National Freeze on All Evictions and Foreclosures; No Increases in Rent, No Credit Downgrades, and No Cutoffs of Electricity, Gas, Water; $100 Billion in Rental Assistance Included in HEROES Act
    Death Cult: GOP Can’t Hide Contempt for American People, Still Stalling on Next Relief Bill; Mitch & Co. Demand End to the $600 Weekly Extra Jobless Benefit Which Has Saved Part of Middle Class; In Latest WaPo Poll, 38% Approve of Trump’s Management of Pandemic, with 60% Disapproving; GOP Operatives Panic as They Observe Don “Free Falling into Political Abyss”
    And Not Just Trump: World-Historical Task for November 2020 Is the Extinction of the Republican Party as National Political Force; Senate Is Now within Reach, with Virtually All GOP Senators Acting as Accomplices of Benedict Donald; No White House Response to GRU Russian Rampage of Afghan Bounties and Covid Hacks
    Trump Sycophants Masquerading as Governors, Like DeSantis (FL), Abbot (TX), Ducey (AZ), Kemp (GA), and Noem (SD) Dakota, Have Cynically Sacrificed Lives and Health in Their States to Demonstrate Subservience to Trump and Must Go
    Breaking: Oregon Governor Demands Pullout of Trump’s Rogue Soldatesca; Nadler Accuses Barr of Attempted Bribery of Former Manhattan US Attorney Berman

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