Podcast #124 – I talk with BILL HICKS’s BROTHER STEVE about the comedy great and his legacy

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  1. Thank you Lee. It was an unexpected surprise to get to listen to this conversation. It was like food for my soul. I appreciate all of the Bill Hicks material on YouTube. As a culture, we are fortunate to live during times when the internet makes it possible to be inspired by listening to words spoken by political alchemists from years gone bye.Thanks and the best to both you and Steve Hicks.

    Teri C.

  2. What a moving, informative, cool podcast Lee!
    Bill Hicks…if someone would ever say to me that they heard Bill Hicks perform and didn’t instantly LOVE him, it’s not Bill Hicks…something is wrong with that person!
    I remember reading in Love All The People, Bill talking about what a genius Steve was…he said something great, really funny, but I cannot remember exactly what it was. Steve was awesome, very open and honest. The whole family seems like such lovely, nice people.
    I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the stuff the family will be releasing. They are so thankful to Bill’s fans, but most of us want to thank them for being such an amazing family!!!

  3. Bill Hicks has been one of my heroes for a long time…I miss him so much. Thank you for bringing him to the attention of your fans. He was amazing. You are carrying a heavy torch Lee, and doing a damn fine job of it too.

  4. Great podcast Lee.
    Protest is the only way to stop these suckers.
    Glad to see that someone is as active in body mind, heart, spirit and soul as the greatest protagonist and comedian of the generation I grow up in.
    Bill Hicks is all that and more.
    We need artists like you Lee to keep kickin against the pricks.
    now more than ever as our democracy depends on it.
    When are you coming to Ireland dude?
    You do know that if America drops one we choke on the smell but they still go on with their big fat shites. There is not other analogy I can offer. its just damn dirty.

  5. Lee…great podcast! Check out ScholarConsciousness on YouTube…Bill Hicks is one of THE top scholars on my playlist. Was a huge pleasure to hear you and his older brother Steve chat.

  6. Lee, Thank you for this podcast! Steve is an amazing man and it’s cool as shit that both Bill and yourself will be on my new album! I’m giong to be giving all profits, every dime of the sales to a charitable organization. Lee, your podcasts never let me down, I know if you keep up the good fight you are going to make it mainstream, and hopefully not have to deal with any soul crushing corporations that want to buy your material and kill yer soul. ROCK ON LEE! ROCK ON STEVE! And thank god for the Legend of Bill Hicks!

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