UPDATE: I got an exclusive comment on this situation from Jill Stein – “Thanks to the free and open internet, people’s eyes are being opened to how corporate-funded media outlets, including PBS, have controlled the narrative by choosing what to report and what to leave on the editing room floor.” 

So presidential candidate Jill Stein was on PBS’s News Hour with Judy Woodruff. Apparently WITHOUT TELLING THE AUDIENCE, they sliced out key portions of Jill Stein’s final answer – specifically stuff about TPP and climate change. They played it off AS IF what they showed was the complete answer. Unfortunately the only place people (not just me) seem to be able to find the extended version showing the cuts is from this strange YouTube channel called “Orf”? And unfortunately the footage is jumpy for some reason – like it’s a 1980’s rap video. And ALSO unfortunately, the guy explaining it (perhaps he’s Orf?) calls Judy Woodruff “Judy Garland.” …I wish I were kidding. …So all those things do not lend themselves to credibility, I will admit. But I have confirmed everything he says is true with Stein’s campaign and got an exclusive comment (see above). Jill Stein was CENSORED on PBS News Hour – in a way that even racists like Donald Trump would not be.

Please spread the word about this!

– Lee


  1. Tudawgz says:

    I’m sure it was a Freudian slip, but Dr. Stein was not interviewed by Dorothy from The Wizare of Oz (“Judy Garland”). Judy Woodruff is the host of Newshour.

  2. Michael says:

    That animation of a missile-bristling Darth Vader death machine assembling itself in the sky is from Boeing – one of PBS’s corporate sponsors. The weapons industry probably doesn’t care for Jill Stein.

  3. Tman says:

    I know someone who is very right-wing and watches Fox News all the time. When I made some mention of it he said that he will watch PBS for balance. I told him that he would need to watch MSNBC for balance, because PBS was supposed to be neutral. Guess I was wrong.

  4. Sundex says:

    Good catch! Thank you!

  5. Seaweed says:

    And I always thought that PBS was an staunch opponent of censorship. Time for PBS to pull down their tent and piitch it along with NBC and FOX.

  6. garbal54 says:

    Never so disappointed in a media story as I am with this. PBS will never get my dime! Hopefully the backlash from this will cause a “shakeup” in PBS senior management. If not? BYE BYE PBS, nothing more than a Democratic response to the GOP’s Fox “news.”

  7. It’s ridiculous that they would censor Jill like this….and on a public broadcasting channel…for the people?? NO WAY!!

  8. ZEMTEK says:

    I agree with koontz. I been waiting for a civil war to break. I know its close especially if shit don’t start changing soon. No cop ever should be killing any unarmed person ever period. They have cop cars and radios to stay safe. Cops need to be held accountable for their actions. Plus the rich just keep taking more n more and the poor are about their breaking point as well. So there are several things that can set this war off. I am just waiting for the idiot cops to kill the totally wrong person. Also for you cop lovers out there. If there was such a thing as a good cop they would standing out against cops killing unarmed and even subdued people. So till cops start speaking out against other cops they are all bad in my book. They are worse than the bloods and cripts. At least with gangs people could fight back legally but with cops we have no legal recourse.

  9. Hope says:

    Just wanted to say that I wrote PBS, because this censorship really infuriated me. The answer I got back today was that the full interview can “still” be heard on PBS’s Facebook page (here’s the link they sent me : https://www.facebook.com/newshour/videos/10154494946938675/) and it is around 15 minutes long, so I assume it hasn’t been censored in any way. However, I am sure that this is only the case because a lot of people protested. Just goes to show we must all stop being part of the “silent” majority. I wrote them back telling them it was contemptible to not tell your audience your interview is cut, and to please not insult anybody’s intelligence with the “time constraints” line. Especially given the parts that were cut out. We should all boycott PBS and tell them why we’re doing it.

  10. Rp says:

    This is a good reason to refuse to send money when they come begging.

  11. smarsh says:

    Great expose! Of course – koch assholes are all over PBS – it’s the easiest network for them to buy and they know it.

  12. jbdean says:

    Well, I won’t be donating to PBS again unless #JillStein gets a public apology from them. I mean really, who do they think they are – FOX News?

  13. BatStacye says:

    Thanks for posting this! Will share!

  14. rosie says:

    Thank you for your service by showing what happened. Unfortunately this is why so many people don’t vote. They get po’d and say the hell with it! Please keep up your vigilant work. So appreciate it!

  15. Bert says:

    PBS – Private Broadcasting Service

  16. CCinRI says:

    Remember the warnings about corporations, like Koch Industries, underwriting PBS & NPR, well this is the result.

  17. Luke says:

    Why does she look like a muppet only during the “cut” portions?

  18. JS says:

    News media no longer reports, it represses.
    An elitist, self grandizing lot.

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  20. Bob says:

    No surprise to me at all! The news media is as corrupt as our politicians!

  21. cat5771 says:

    So disappointed in PBS. Don’t trust ANY mainstream media.

  22. cat5771 says:

    So disappointed in PBS. Can’t trust ANY mainstream media.

  23. Sue A. says:

    Thank you Lee for bringing us the truth unlike PBS. This really, really is disappointing because I have subscribed to PBS for many years thinking we were educating our children. I did address the issue with PBS & I will no longer continue to subscribe to more of the same in MSM. It has to stop, but thankfully we have Lee Camp, Tim Black, Jordan C., Jimmy D., Mike F., Debbie L., Ben D. & more that will continue to report the truth & continue the revolution. What would we do without you guys?

  24. wmbfam says:

    Shame on you PBS, been drinking the Clinton kool aid like the rest of the media bought stations. Sad that even you can’t be trusted, truly disgusting in fact. Integity GONE.

  25. seskenite says:

    Thank you for your determination to get a full version of Jill ‘s views on PBS and FB. I have followed her for some time and it is only recently that most people are even beginning to hear what she has to say.
    PBS , as far as I am concerned is not longer Public. In order to survive the take private money and no longer represent the people but rather private interests.
    The great irony is that this candidate is by far the most integral, honest and resourceful candidate, she actually has a reasonable plan.

  26. zMOMbie says:

    Thank you! I have sanitized my life of all “corporate/mainstream media”, so your sharing of this not only allows me another opportunity to see a great interview by Dr. Stein, but reinforces my resolve to avoid the network that molested it!

  27. Erik Smitt says:

    PBS and National Public Radio have always been biased. I no longer donate to either of them.

  28. Lishka says:

    ROFL that anyone still believes that char is were thrown at a Bernie rally in Las Vegas.

    So much for “public broadcasting”, PBS. What a joke. All except I’m not laughing.

  29. PBS shilled for Hillary nonstop during the primary, and marginalized Bernie. PBS New is now ridiculous!

  30. I can’t believe that thius hapened but if it did I will not be a PBS subscriber any longer!

  31. None of that changes the fact that we are in economic servitude to the money creators who fund and influence everything including Media. If we don’t borrow, There is no money to earn, spend, tax or save. Time grows the debt. Only more borrowing increases the money supply. When the principal of a loan is repaid the money is extinguished. Debt money is what they would surely cut out IF anyone would talk about it. Economic Servitude in the land of the ‘Free’ and around the world.

  32. trashsista says:

    After the whole Bernie Bros and chair throwing incident that PBS reported happening in Las Vegas, I did a few key things:

    * Asked a friend at PBS why they would report such nonsense without vetting the story(it was later corrected, but too late for me,as this was the final straw in the ingore US/Bernie campaign)
    * cancelled my monthly contributions to PBS
    * removed PBS from my will

    Let’s get others to do the same. I think it matters.

  33. Yojimbo says:

    This is great. If you can juxtaposed the censored version to the uncensored version.

  34. Yojimbo says:

    This is great that you can show the people how false narratives are created.

  35. Koontz205 says:

    I think a lot of America if not all have eyes open and are set to act. Being forced to choose between two fruitcakes is something that will bring down the establishment. AS WE COME TOGETHER our voices don’t mean nothing to them, unfortunately I see a giant CIVIL WAR quite like BLACK LIVES MATTER slowly conforming to a higher standard. THAT STANDARD….HUMANITY OVER GREED!

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