BREAKING: Reddit User Believed To Be Hillary’s IT Guy Sought Advice 2 Yrs Ago On How To Alter Contents Of Emails For “VERY VIP” Client!

redditSo REAL journalism has been outsourced to the Reddit community, and today it seems they discovered something potentially huge. They have unearthed a two year-old Reddit post from a user believed to be Paul Combetta, a tech engineer with Platte River Networks – The firm that managed Hillary Clinton’s private server. In the Reddit post the user asks for help altering the contents of emails for a “VERY VIP” client. He wants to change the to/from email addresses on the emails. Now the House Oversight Committee is looking into it. This could be the smoking gun that many have been looking for. If you want more proof Hillary’s emails should get her indicted, watch this clip from Redacted Tonight.

By the way, wanting corrupt politicians to obey the law is NOT an endorsement of Donald Trump. Trump is a textbook example of a sociopath. Enough said.

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