“Obama Administration Changes Definition Of ‘Civilians'” – M.O.C. #145

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  1. I frickin love this shit that we are allowing them to pull. How can you re-define? Who are you fucking websters dictionary? I would like to re-define president right now then…O.K.?
    President: One who takes it upon himself to deliberately enslave and destroy a whole country. All the while systematically killing, maiming and oppressing entire countries, religions and peoples…..PRESIDENT, also see complete fucking ASSHOLE! Thanks LEE, keep pushing man!!!

  2. I don’t even know where to begin to express my frustrations with the current social monetary system, the system value disorder we all suffer from (some worst than others) and the countless other aspects of our society that is basically genocidal in its artificial composition. I DO however try to find respite to all this craziness – like a free ticket that I got for front row seats to this “freak show” (front row since I live in US) by visiting TVP/TZM channels. There I find some people that actually make sense and seem conscious to our true needs as human beings. You have now added another destination to my locations of respite. You have now stepped into the shoes of George Carlin in my world. And man – you have no idea – I need you more than you can ever know – just to break up some of these topics with some laughter as the true seriousness and gravity of these subjects/topics/ideas can be so emotionally draining and discouraging – conveying these ideas through the comedic medium makes it go down a lil smoother…..Thank you, thank you so much…

  3. This find ways to cheat and screw people, from the government is sickening.

  4. Don’t know which mainstream media you follow but the mainstream media that I read routinely discuss the issues you say they won’t cover. Maybe you need to make a difference between network news/Entertainment Tonight and serious, in-depth journalism.

  5. I am writing The President once again. I detest the expansionist side of this man.

  6. Hey Lee!

    First off-FUCK, your dance card is full. But the world needs to hear what you’re saying, as I am watching our common decency chopped up on a glass table and snorted by the ilk of Rupert Murdoch and his minions.

    They have effectively convinced 25% of Britons believe that everyone that is claiming everyone that is pensioners and the disabled (or both) are all scrounger scum. The campaign started during Blair’s second term. It has been so effective that now I am trying to show a little independence and a family that were worse for wear blocked the automatic doors and spat on my face.

    You were witness to my deterioration not long ago here in Oxford, a determined man to see you headline, and the effects are now quite apparent, yet common decency has evaporated, with high ranking officials presently leading our present and previous governments, Blair included, followed everything Rupert instructed. For a relatively educated population is amazes me to see so little outrage.

    So when you became aware of Obama following suit. Given his choice of attempting to reach across party lines he is compromising his own values. Sure he has been put in a corner regarding the Marriage Equality, his gamble on that issue is the only break he has taken to divide what appears to be far too many concessions for little gains. I’m confused why he has retained his economic team. They stated the day after his election that they will go to any length, destroying his own agenda.

    Never has a Legislative Branch of the Government freeze out any intention of helping their fellow Americans. With this much resistance and now with the Citizens United ruling Obama wants that Corporate hijacking of his re-election campaign. People follow their leader when he displays strength and courage to take control of the discussion. Faux News teaches the premise that decency and fairness does not matter. Interrupt, scream and rudely refuse a voice to any opposition.

    In my opinion common decency for me was instilled from my pedigree, the wisdom of my very proud Liberal grandparents, and education still dictates my courtesy, at times to the astonishment of others. Many others do not hold my Liberal compassion for others, but I refuse to compromise.

    Obama needs to change this. A SCOTUS Justice just announce he will retire soon. To lose another seat to another Conservative appointee can not occur. Romney should be an easy win, and Obama needs to convince others about the intentions his own, and no more capitulations!

  7. While I was disgusted when I found out that Obama changed the definition of civilian, i never considered the fact that that would also mean that a good 50% of Americans are now combatants. Suddenly I do feel badass.
    Also, I’m quite glad i discovered you’re podcast! I saw you at the show you played at University of Delaware and just happened to stumble upon this podcast a few months later. Happy to see i can get my weekly dose of Lee.

  8. FAAAAAK! Caught you on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show today. I had been unaware of your existence before that. What you say is so true. I was aware of 14 of the 15 things — not Meryl Streep snorting dolphins, though — but I like the way you say it. Then I find out you were on tour in Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s where my wife and I are living after expatriating from the collapsing United States of America to escape the Bush Crime Family in 2005. We could have walked to the Yuk Yuk Comedy Club across from City Hall — that’s how close we live to where you were appearing. But you were on Dyligan June 4. And your Canadian shows were June 1 and 2. FAAAAAAAK! Another thing the mainstream media didn’t clue me about until it was too late.

  9. I think that this is one of the most Ridiculous things I have ever heard, having said that ..I would like a BOOK LEE !!! thank you …

  10. I listen to your podcasts every chance I get and I’d be thrilled to have the MOC book.

  11. Oh, this is awesome! You know, I’ve always wanted to be a combatant without going through all that boring military training and conditioning; now I get to be one without even realizing it. Thanks for this. I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise, and would still be yearning to be a combatant where my life is on the line and seen as expendable in others eyes.

  12. Change the definition… not surprising, collateral damage, preemptive strike it’s
    all from the same dictionary.

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