Latest Police Shooting – Media Refuses To Have The Real Discussion (Moment of Clarity)

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  1. Great apeech, LeeI’ll just chatter a bit to amuse you – – I did call th cops in London because of very, very loud music, disco volume, you coudn’t think, sleep, read, listen to your own music – sheer troture. At one point I asked them to tell me in advance when they were having a party, then I would sleep in a neighbours flat Once they warned that they were haibng a film evening., I haerd varied noises like a train moving, an occasional hooter and so on. I told them it didn’t bother me because it sounded more like nice avantgarde music instead of the boom-boom-boom. My calling the police did getthem to move out as I found out klater that they had cocaine all over the place. More important, all videos from progressives have been blocked on my computer. Do have a look at my blog with poetry.

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