“Now We Have To Wage War On Grolar Bears?!” MOC #52

  1. Good work leecamp says: i like all you boys trying to bring some rational argument onto the table… truth is, no one can fully substantiate the case of global warming and you guys should do some more research and yeah read the maybe 20 000 Geo-climatologists that state the case against the gentle ALL GOre hah well i think them elites with plans are stacking money to build some escape shuttle to Pluto or Youranus, ah but that’s just crazy talk i know… yet it seems to ME” paying tax on co2 ain’t gonna persuade them icecaps to stop crying and we don’t know if we can stop them by say blowing the carbon slower, there’s your obfuscation and plane confusion, going green or red or fken yellow is a campaign slogan Wake ups public relations is still propaganda to instill fear on idiots with day jobs that are ready to feel guilt for breathing and it works it f^@cki%g works its a strategy so accurate statistically that it makes no difference wither you believe it or not, if you cant decide(by arriving at by your own rational analysis and be able to stand by your conviction) you most likely will follow popular belief, leecamp dude sry im new on the nets! btw nice rant you got goin on bro.

  2. Thanks, man. I’ve been meaning to write a response but hadn’t gotten around to it. Thank you for taking up the challenge. And yes, I agree on the Al Gore front. I’m not saying he’s right about everything. And the fact that there is money in anything anyone does, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Oilman T. Boone Pickens promotes wind power to make money. Pure and simple. And yet he’s also right. Wind power can help us a great deal.

  3. Global warming deniers are such douches.

    1. A little CO2 may be good, but a lot of CO2 isn’t better. Test my theater, GWDD’s: a little selenium in your diet is good for you, so a whole lot of selenium must be really good for you…go ahead and down a bottle or two.

    2. Solar flares aren’t the cause of the rapid rise in temperature (NewScientist)-this really is significant data and I know that because I CAN CITE THE SOURCE. GWDD’s can cite sources too, of course, not just any source that hasn’t been debunked already.

    3. Al Gore is not the be and end-all of global warming action. Sure he’s a capitalist, and probably in it for the money. But there are plenty of other people, like Bill McKibben, who don’t stand to make any money on cap and trade, or off of sounding the alarm. So to pick on Al is to obfuscate the issue and misdirect attention (proof that evil guys do have plans.)

    4. “what I’m saying is if nature acts wacky is because of invisible and subtle forces we yet do not fully understand” … ????WTF??? That’s not an argument, that’s a quote from an Ed Wood movie.

    5. Lee Camp is actually better than Bill HIcks ever was. There I’ve said it. May the gods of independent comedy smite me.

  4. I agree with Hugh. 
    Don’t get me wrong I love your work, yet I just dont see how co2 acts as a driver for volcanic activity and tectonic disturbances, such as the sea quakes which caused the tsunamis that you speak of.  There is significant and reputable data (yet ignored) that shows there is a link between solar flares and other solar activity and volcanic and tectonic occurrences. Imagine, here you have a gigantic thermonuclear reactor in the sky, spewing enormous amounts of heat and injecting incredible amounts of sub atomic particles into our planet’s magnetic field, atmosphere and crust… I don’t just think that Changes in solar activity might have an effect on just about every facet of the terrestrial ecosystem, I know it’s going to have an effect, just as I know that a volcano spewing billions of tons of “Green house” gases has more effect on the environment then all the cars that have ever existed put together. There have been seven mayor extinction events where just about all life on earth got obliterated, if Gia was a landlord, and you where all life on earth, then one morning you wake up to discover that not only she was kicking you out of your spot for no reason at all, but you wake up to the sight of her holding a flame thrower laughing maniacally, I’m not prophesying the end of the world, what I’m saying is if nature acts wacky is because of invisible and subtle forces we yet do not fully understand, nature is inherently and catastrophically unpredictable.
    Yet you have a Globalist like Al Gore blaming temperature changes on CO2,  a life driver which we expel and trees take in to convert into oxygen. If you want to talk about conflict of interest look into Gore’s connection to Kenneth Lay, regarding the engineering of the current carbon taxing policy, now being shoved enema style into humanity. Look into the billions of dollars he stands to make off of said policies. Look into what size Al Gore’s (and his water carriers) “carbon footprint” is, look into why he still lives a lavish life, jet setting all over the world wile asking us not to take warm showers. Investigate why he doesn’t talk about real man made threats to humanity, like (in no particular order) nuclear energy, nano technology, genetic engineering, biological and chemical weapons, and chemical bi products contaminating water supplies… 

  5. Lol i’ve watched a few of your videos and liked them except this one, Al Gore is NOT right 😉 he’s tryin to ram a global tax on us of which he will be collecting ALOT of money but keep up the good work otherwise.

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