MOC #279 – This Wooden Table Will Change The Way You View The World

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  1. Oh, I forgot to say that I still have 2 side tables in my family room that I bought from Kmart 30 years ago. Still in good shape (that’s fiberboard!) and each one cost $5.00. Maybe the Chinese made better stuff back then? Take care.

  2. Hey Lee, you never cease to amaze me with the truth you bring out with your comedy. Being an aged conservative, (don’t hate me!) I wonder why it is that over my last 50 years I’ve sadly watched our school systems become liberal mini dictatorships that have spewed out vast groups of dumb downed idiots who know nothing about anything like real history or how this country is supposed to work for the equality of all Americans. I’ve watched as most of the younger American population has become incredibly lazy – they’d rather live with parents who don’t ask for rent, supply food & “allowance” for free, playing video games while Mom & Dad are at work. Why isn’t the kid going to work to support himself? I went to work at age 14 & worked till I had a car accident & broke my back at 62. After a long life of working hard to raise my kids, working full time for 35 years, trying to finish school using my own money…etc. I really resent the lazy asses who think that because they can’t find a perfect job they’ll just lay around & let the damn government pay them unemployment for years. I’ve never gotten a freakin’ dime from the government, I just got to pay taxes for years from a meager $20,000 a year. Now with all this ridiculous shit the government is doing to set up the perfect nanny state, I resent these stupid, useless people who don’t contribute to society at all because its much easier to live in your video games while everything goes to shit in the “real” world. If you think about it, these lazy jerks
    can always find some kind of job, even if they have to work for pennies at a pizza place! Hey, they might even learn something about how the world really works. At least there’s a few young’uns who are intelligent and informed – count yourself in this group, Lee – keep on truckin’ and keep telling people the truth. How about a rant about the dumbing down of America? Maybe someday all the dummies will listen.

    Oh, don’t know if you still remember me but I wrote to you last May about my lawsuit against Wells Fargo for trying to foreclose right after my husband died even though WF sold us the mortgage life policy that was supposed to save my house from that very thing. I was seeking help in getting my story out in the media but unfortunately you weren’t able to help….I understand totally. You sent me a lovely email which I appreciated, and told me to keep up the fight. And I am. The case is heading into its 4th year, WF keeps filing stupid motions to delay everything in hopes I’ll give up. I already ran out of money to pay my lawyers but they feel so strongly about the case they’re doing it pro bono from here on out. But after having contacted numerous media folks I now feel I won’t get any help from anyone unless we go to trial & I win….guess why no one will help? They’re scared, plain and simple. Scared of a $90 billion cash asset mega corporation – doesn’t matter if the cause is just or not, they’re all too scared to take them on. So it’s just me and I’ll fight them as long as it takes.

    Thanks for your weekly rants & info, you are really good! You need to come out to play Reno – then I’ll bring all my aged friends to spice up your audience!

    Best to you,
    Linda Downs

  3. Brilliant synopsis, Mr. Camp. If I had a FB account (pah!), I’d post it and then get somebody to pass a law saying all dollar-store patrons had to watch it or else no more funky plastic drinking cups or designer flyswatters…

    Seriously, though, if we would all just think for a moment… And then just take the pretend power away from the fossil fuel magnates… Okay, this requires some more thinking. Back later. 🙂

  4. Hey Lee, if your looking to make some extra cash, just call yourself Santa camp and have a bunch of super fun comedy DVD’s, yours and others, like Lisa Campanelli, etc, to sell at Christmas time. I can’t wait to see you in a Santa suit trying to be jolly! Please make me die laughing with your santa gig!

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