New Proof Universal Basic Income Works
  1. I generally agree, but when you take that next jet flight you will be glad of all the pilot studies. We all know what happens when the industry doesn’t do them!

  2. Those lazy poor people who used to want to work, but then when our WELFARE program (remember that?) was still in the system, they had the nerve to get their teeth cleaned and pay for their water bill, or get their electric turned back on” Such NERVE those poors have, don’t they?

  3. Just what happens if you give “free money” to the poor, was already proved. They immediately roll those dollars (former welfare aid) into local economies via the purchases of basic human needs – food, shelter, utilities. The peculiar stumbling block to winning even liberal support for the UBI: Enthusiasm fades when you point out that a universal income would include even those left jobless. (Did you know that a person can’t get a job once he no longer has a home address, phone, clean clothes, bus fare?)

  4. Right Lee. Right.
    So how do we get the Rich to allow a basic income?
    We have to end Capitalism.
    Capitalism is the problem. What is the question?

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