New Proof The Media Is Lying To You About Hillary’s Campaign

The Democratic presidential debate happened and, based on poll numbers, Bernie Sanders won the debate. According to CNN Hillary won the debate. This may be confusing, considering every poll after the debate gave concrete numbers showing Bernie’s victory. But when it comes to the media, numbers don’t matter – when you can report revisionist history. Redacted Tonight shows how the media is lying.

  1. Today is 4/1/16 and RT videos on You Tube and now this web site have been made to malfunction. Our gooberment protectors..cough…I mean’t prison wards…at work to protect their political puppet Hillary Clinton.

  2. I see only one skewed comment. Please note that energy and enthusiasm is something HRC will NEVER bring to the electorate. This is why if the DNC skews things so that HRC is handed the nomination she will NEVER beat the GOP . WE HAVE ONE HOPE IN AMERICA today to make this country work for all Americans not just the richest. BERNIE SANDERS PERIOD.

  3. The instant online polls Bernie won because his supporters are younger 18-29 which are fluent in the use of online tools like Twitter and voting on polls from various websites and devices. Also, being a member of lots of Bernie groups on Facebook I saw where they directed people to go vote in these polls. Before you say Hillary groups did the same it’s just not true as I’m also a member of Hillary groups on Facebook and the same can not be said of those groups. When you have people being told to go vote in masses you get skewed polls. The more scientific polls done over the preceding days was controlled with a certain amount of people from all races, ages and sex and therefore gives a better indication of how the country as a whole will vote. Sorry to bust your bubble, but this analogy is bogus and opinionated toward a candidate. Please refer to only scientific polls which are also skewed IMO and should only be used as a general guideline. These instant polls though are a waste of time to look at and even scarier when people start using them to justify who’s winning an election. Whatever happens I hope everyone remembers the importance of this election with up to 4 Supreme Court Justices to be appointed that we all get out and VOTE BLUE no matter what!

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