NEW PROOF: $21 Trillion with a ‘T’ Unaccounted For At Pentagon [FULL EPISODE]

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  1. Just want to point out that the 21 trillion is accounting “adjustments,” not actual spending. If I accidentally write a tank costs 10 trillion, then correct it to 10 million, I’ve made 9.99999 trillion in “adjustments” but still only actually spent 10 million. Obviously I’m not saying the military doesn’t waste TONS of money, but the ENTIRE U.S. annual budget is like 1.2 trillion…they are not spending 21 trillion on military and no, they are not printing this money as you suggested on your podcast.

  2. (Yes, not only the N Essay, yet shadowy people “above and below” in the demgop anti-Zinn train to heck)

  3. Likely the N Essay has filtration on this audit stuff and is anyones guess how much the fear based nihilistic squidword demgop psych illusionist delusional is costing out at the PentUpGone with the money.
    Likely this twenty-one (forever rising costs before crash) Trillion is (without regard to ecological and lives cost) going to be restated relatively lower at 6 to 19 T ballpark figure (Though the lagacy cost is of course potentially unmeasurable if we don’t survive the bouts with insanity) – so that the other costs of doing dirty corp demgop gov biz doesn’t seem so bad. Then if survived, the figure as-well-could-be put into dollar amount will be raised again. As if 19 T or 22 T is sane at whatever political demgop juncture we might be still inhaling destructive emissions from (Perhaps we will get beyond this ill and thickly opaque gaming of bubble/no-bubble warring boom-bust more-warring to make most useless-to-toxic agencies revolving door type gov thing of past with these applications of technology with sound citizen based true democracy, best of old and new is what is needed and only effort that will end-around the extreme possibilities in self annihilation.
    Great reports and references to ChangeMaker.

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