Nestlé Horrors, Defense Dept Censors Its Crimes, & More [FULL EPISODE]

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  1. (Yes, POGmeD would be the ink blot mirror image if it didn’t constantly do ever so slight morphs to protect the toxic cash cows and vamp’ing democracies into ill empire.
    Nevertheless dont trust demgop, question, and keep on)

  2. Very informative reports of our established mirror image party (DemGOP|GOPDem) that’s in our face with only thing it’s great about being transparent about – the being toxic while morphing, flip flopping, overall in-fullness of effects being the demgop|gopdem pop-culture-media spasmodic frenzy feeding | inface overwhelm with hiddeousness narcoleptic-narcotic inducing barrages of distractive “all-of-the-above” super consumeristic world cash flows towards deadly nutritions, death care & massive too complex and ill-willed legislations alongside off the books mass deadly precedence / overwhelm and undermine progressive cultures and democracy overseas as at home.

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