My new book “Bullet Points & Punch Lines” is now available! It covers everything from the $21 Trillion unaccounted-for at the Pentagon to U.S. imperialist coups to climate change. It includes an intro by Jimmy Dore and a foreword by Chris Hedges. It’s comedy, politics, and revolution all wrapped into one. CLICK HERE to grab your copy. Also, I’m bringing my live comedy show to 18 cities in the US, Canada, and the UK. See if your city is on the list. And please help me out by reviewing the book on your favorite platform and telling your local bookstore that they should carry it!

2 responses to “My New Book Is FINALLY HERE!”

  1. Elite Shinobi says:

    Yo Lee, I think you need to explain to Jimmy Dore about how Bernie got fucked at the voting booths across the country. He looked like he was going to catch a aneurysm today on his live stream yelling at the top of his lungs on how he lost the nomination with no mention how Bernie got cheated. I love your content. Keep up the fight ✊
    And I’ll use my not so free bailout money to buy your book.

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