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“One of a handful of comedians keeping my father’s torch lit.”
—Kelly Carlin, daughter of George Carlin

“Lee Camp is not just a comedian. He challenges the
corporate war narratives and calls out the American
empire’s bullshit better than anyone. His passion
and anger are infectious and far too rare.”
—Abby Martin, journalist, host of The Empire
Files, former host of Breaking the Set

“Lee Camp is a rare prophetic voice in a field of formulaic
blowhards and political opportunists. He has the unique
ability to tear our political establishment to shreds, and to
then smash those shreds with a righteous hammer until
we see the elite forces that rule our lives in their truest
form—as an utterly hilarious farce of bipartisan idiocy.”
—Max Blumenthal, journalist, author of Goliath

“There is no better voice to analyze the bizarre combination
of absurdity and catastrophe facing us today than that
of Lee Camp. Drawing on his experience in both satire
and politics, Camp uses his critical insight and sharp
sense of irony to offer readers compelling political
commentary that is as powerful as it is witty.”
—Sophia McClennan, author of Is Satire Saving Our Nation?
Mockery and American Politics, professor of International Affairs
and Comparative Literature at Penn State University, and
founding director of the Center for Global Studies

“Lee Camp has found the hole in America’s brain
where reason has been replaced by Walmart. Lee’s
rants channel the gunk oozing out. You have to
admit, that’s why he’s so fucking funny.”
—Greg Palast, journalist, author of
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

“Camp’s show is a master class in politically driven comedy.
Razor-sharp, witty, acerbic, and somewhat off-the-wall
at times, he delivers his on-point political and social
messages with the biggest dollop of humor going.”
—Steven Topple, The Canary

“Incisive humor that inspires both bouts of
uncontrollable laughter and moments of reflection
about the country’s troubling political realities.”
—Whitney Webb, Mint Press News

“For those comedy fans still in mourning for
Bill Hicks, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the
work of DC-born stand-up Lee Camp.”
—The Guardian

“Like Jon Stewart from the Daily Show but with sharper teeth.”

—The Herald

“Lee Camp is an integral part of a long-standing
satirical tradition. He has the rare ability to
make you laugh and think simultaneously.”
—Paul Krassner, satirist

“Lee is the Che Guevara of comedy. Congrats to him on his
balls and integrity. Everything he does is so good. We need
more comedians with his kind of fearlessness. It’s so rare to
find such artful, thoughtful passion in comedy these days . . .
or in life. He’s waiting for a generation to catch up with him.”
—Paul Provenza, comedian, filmmaker, The Aristocrats

“Lee is totally inspiring. I kinda wanna
be like him when I grow up.”

—Rain Pryor, actor, comedian, daughter of Richard Pryor

“[Lee Camp is] developing a reputation for fearless political
comedy, with some calling him an heir to the crown of the
late, great George Carlin. He gets our seal of approval.”

—Time Out Sydney

“Gets the crowd roaring!”
—Rolling Stone

“A Time-Bomb of Reason ready to destroy anything that seeks
to pollute our culture and restrict our possibility as a species.”
—Peter Joseph (creator of The Zeitgeist Movement)

“Lee Camp can be devastating.”
—NPR’s Weekend Edition

“Some of the best satire I’ve seen.”
—Scott Dikkers, cofounder and former editor of the Onion

“Lee has one of the funniest shows on
television. I watch it every week.”
—Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota




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  1. I couldn’t find a place to comment on the Rumble website with your Hannity and Newsome review. You asked why we can’t have an economy that doesn’t grow like a cancer. The reason is that money is created primarily by private banks around the world. When the money is created by your loan, the money for the interest is not created at the same time so the interest payment must be borrowed (usually by someone else and their created money then circulates back so you can pay the interest.)

    Because of that method of creating money, the economy and money supply must grow exponentially (at or above the average interest rate) or the economy dies. Even countries like China where there are no “private” banks, The treatment of money is the same in that the creation is not for free circulation but must incur interest and be repaid.

  2. Lee I want a shirt with your face on it and one of those red rubber stamp things that says redacted over it. Like either an actual pic or like the silhouette of it idc. I would buy that shirt.

  3. ❤️ love your comedy!!!! I first saw you on Jimmy Dore’s show…dude, you look so much like Serge Tiagniryadno (a singer in Leonid and Friends a phenomenal cover band from Russia/Ukraine). Glad Jimmy has hosted comedians that not only make us laugh, but are fearless in telling the truth…but that’s always been the purpose of ‘court jesters’…! Rock on!!!!😉

  4. Lee you were great in San Francisco and what you said at the end of the show was so amazing. I can’t remember the exact words, but I’m grateful that there is a wonderful loving good hearted thoughtful prohuman person like you out there in the lime light. If there was any way for me to get those words, I would truly want them and I was the guy that said ” f***** that” and you said “Thank you” Sorry about the one guy heckler who didn’t get you. You were the bigger man and he lost. It was the first Chinese New Year at ground zero for me and you handled those bombs and cracklers with deft skill. You are a great force and lots of us are behind you.

  5. Love your work Lee….. I want to buy your works, cause you are ny inspiration. Best regards, jual ac. I’m waiting for another your works.

  6. Every weekend i used to pay a visit this website, for
    the reason that i want enjoyment, for the reason that this this
    web site conations really fastidious funny material too.

  7. Greetings from Australia Lee, I know it wasn’t much but we’re under attack here also mate. Remaining human is such a hard job for many of the more well off these days. Thanks for your inspirational voice =)

  8. 1. Question: Is it better for you if I buy your albums from your site, or from iTunes? Does that affect your profit margin? I would like to purchase in the way that best supports your work.
    2. Thank you for Serving on the Green Shadow Cabinet! When the government shut down, I told everyone, “MY government is not shut down, MY government is doing just FINE, because I’m a citizen of the Green Shadow Government!” When the cabinet members weigh in on an issue, I always read your entry FIRST, so I can keep my perspective and not get depressed by the news of the day, as I read the other cabinet members’ helpful insights.
    3. I donated my account/Facebook to Moment of Clarity.
    4. Suggestion: make it easier for new subscribers to your YouTube channel to be able to go through your videos in order and not miss any. (number them/date them/make searchable by subject?)
    5. Other suggestion: Have you been on Bill Moyers? You should be! I just saw our (Green Shadow Government) President Jill Stein on there, she did a great job!
    6. Further suggestion: Are these moments of clarity available as podcasts?
    7. Come to Dayton Ohio sometime! We’ve got comedy clubs. And some….liberals….if we cull from a 100 mile radius.
    Many Thanks! 🙂

  9. Hi Lee,

    MOM series is very good. For the ones who have newly discovered your videos, I would suggest to put some playlists to group videos you think are related or in meaningful sequence so it is not hard to catch up with the fortunate people who have been here for long. Also, please have more shows with TZM and more interviews with Peter if possible. We sleep better knowing people like you are out there. Keep it up!


  10. love your shit man, alternative media will never die with people like you bringing light to things that otherwise would of been swepped under the evergrowing magic fucking carpet. you deserve Alex Jones’ job, dude loses his shit too easily and can blabber on something kronic, fading the truth for some people i recon. plus he beliebes in jebus so…there’s that.

  11. Lee, you are brilliant. Heart and mind. No one out there is packing as much info and insight into their political comedy as you are. Thank you for being there, and making me laugh through my tears about ugly America.

  12. Well done! Keep the fucking tide rolling brother, you make a real difference In a sleepy world…

  13. I listened to your moments of clarity through the best of the left podcast and finally decided to come to your site. I’m glad I did. I’d love to see you live, you should come to Columbia, MO. I’m pretty sure with Mizzou here, you’d sell out fast.

  14. Thank you, Kathryn!! That’s very kind. And yes, I agree. Not enough people speaking their mind these days.
    Thank you again, and keep fighting.

  15. I just discovered you when I went on You Tube to gather info on the recent signing of allowing insider trading by Obama . I watched your moment of clarity and thought you nailed it! I love your edginess. I haven’t been able to stop watching your videos – I may not always agree but they make me think.Your observations and intelligence – I haven’t seen in a long time and your honesty is so refreshing. Please don’t stop-this country needs more individuals who are willing to speak their minds without all the political bullshit plus you are very funny. I plan on purchasing your book and look forward to more moments of clarity videos – keep up the good work and fighting the good fight. Sincerely a 56 year old republican.

  16. Hey Lee. Just made a small donation — no reason other than I constantly appreciate your moment’s of clarity and look forward to many more to come. Gottalaff and Paddy turned me onto you about a year ago and I’ve been amazingly entertained ever since. Keep up the great work. DG

  17. Lee, I canna figger out howta make a podcast GO when I want to leave my ‘puter. I can’t seem to put it on a phone or in a car or with a mouse or a moose. (yes, the crippling pain of being >50) So I will just have to buy your e-book. I’m thrilled you have it available, but I will just have to wonder about all those podcast zombies, jarred genitals and terrific interviews…..

  18. Fantastic Lee. You’re a bold, informed voice in a cacophony of shrill, ignorant, self-serving utterances.
    Also, it was great to have met you at the show in Vancouver last week.
    Peace, brother.

  19. Will definitely download the kindle version of your book. I subscribe to your videos and post them each week.

  20. Awesome stuff Lee. Continue the good fight and speak the truth only the way your can. Comedy is one of the pillars of understanding and you prove it every time you speak the truth!

  21. Oh man, can’t wait for my assassination attempts. I hope they’re at least funny – you know, exploding cigars and the such.

  22. Lee, you get any better and you’ll be ripe for government sponsored assassination! Let me know when you run for President, I’m sure you’d do a better job than the zombies running our country right now.


  23. Hey Lee,
    You rule! just donated to your cause & bought your book.
    I really appreciate your M.O.C. videos
    You are a gift to all of us.
    Thanks for your hard work, wit and Balls!
    I run an underground performance scene in Queens.
    We’re having an “Occupy” performance night June 15 @ 9 pm.
    Would love if you could join the party, and we’ll feature you.
    Keep telling the truth!

  24. Hot stuff, Lee. Keep punchin’. America needs your courage.

    Question: Which do you prefer: we buy your stuff with PayPal or a credit card?

  25. Ok, So we listen to your freaking kick ass show every week and it even comes to my itunes without ever having to go and look for it…We love it so much that today we decided to donate $30 to our trusted comedian friend because it flipping feels good, ya know? Then….after the money is gone into the black hole that we now call the internet we find out that we could of got a freaking membership for less and we didn’t even get a t-shirt that says we survived or nothing. Not even a signed CD…We are kinda bummed about it in case you cant tell but we remain faithful cuz your so fuckin funny!

  26. Lol…you’re funny!

    Glad to see true aware Americans doing something about the declining US

    Keep spreading the truth…

    Peace and hugs

  27. I LOVE Moment of Clarity! Just sent a tiny donation — I think your work is worth more, but I’m currently one of the unemployed. Thanks so much for what you do.

  28. Wow Roger. Your situation sounds awful. And I completely agree with you – I often can’t believe we’re in this situation. I think I said it in the last MOC – how did we get here? How did we get to a point that we are willing to treat human beings this way. As the chant says – Another world is possible. I’m so glad that I feed your fire for life. Never a better compliment has been given. And I know sometimes, when people are stuck at home or stuck in an area of the country or world that doesn’t seem awake, it becomes easy to think you’re alone. You are not alone. I was 2,000 people just today who marched in 30 degrees for hours to stand-up against this bullshit. At the end of the day I had two friends in jail and one with a broken finger. And they will all be back tomorrow. This fight is just beginning…

  29. RIGHT ON, LEE! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Rosh Hashana, what the fuck ever!!! I always love your MOC’s. They are not only right on, but provide me with great amusement as well. I finally have a month were I’ve got a little extra folding money, so I thought I would support the arts my way. I plan on giving when I can.
    I am home a lot these days after working for 30 years in the medical profession and getting sick with pneumonia. The pneumonia left my lungs very scarred to the point that I’m on oxygen 24/7. Believe me, if Iwere able I’d be on the front lines of the Occupy Movement. After 2 years of not getting a cost of living increase in my SS disability (which by the way I paid into for 36 years) the government has informed me that I will get $50 a month more as a COL adjustment in my monthly benefits. Wow. All my troubles are over. $50 more a month will solve all my problems. All is sunshine and happiness now….oh, what’s this? Your increasing my Medicare deductions? It’s going to be how much more a month? And my prescription plan has increased how much? Thank goodness I got that $50. It will just cover my increase in heathcare insurance. Has the whole government gone insane? Those jackasses sit on Capital Hill and waste our money on stupid shit that lobbyists want and we the people get shit on. When I was a young man, if you’d told me that life would be like this when I reached my 53rd year on this earh, I would have laughed in your face. I couldn’t fathom that my government would do this to anyone. How wrong I was. I even tried to apply for food stamps, but because I get $1550 a month, I make to much to qualify.
    I don’t have a lot to be happy about this holiday. My children are grown and gone (which is a good thing. They have all proven to me that they are capable men), my wife walked out on my 3 1/2 years ago. So, believe me, I lood forward to your MOC’s. They keep my fire for life fed. That there are others out there who think as I do and are not afraid to show it.
    Keep Fighting the Good Fight,

  30. Yo what up dog?? Lee I have a book for you to read, it’s called; THE CANCER STAGE OF CAPITALISM, the authors name is JOHN MCMURTRY. The book is devastatingly graphic and on point. The vast wealth of knowledge and facts it contains is overwhelmingly powerful. It’s like the ‘BIBLE’ for the Anti-Capitalist mind. Hope you can find some time to consume it. Peace out man. Can’t wait for the book to be done!!

  31. Uh oh, I’m allergic to peanuts. …just kidding. Actually, I still live on peanut butter – like I’m 8 or something. So this is perfect. Thanks Paul!

  32. I sent you just enough for a small can of peanuts , this month has been tight…you get more when you run out …lol great Job Lee, thanks for the laughs …

  33. Discovered you through the Best of the Left podcast. Wow! You just blaze through the BS and leave a bright, shining, fun place in my brain that lasts all day. What a relief! Crap distilled to diamonds! Love it! Do not ever quit! You are much needed! No one else like you!

  34. SO COOL of you to say. I agree with you, and I myself try to support artists when I can. Anyway, I plan to set up a $5 monthly membership in September. Sorry for the delay on that. Thanks a lot, Bruce.

  35. Could afford to send you $10.00 this month. My belief is we need to support our artists directly. Kinda like in the Renaissance. Keep the faith brother.

    For the rest of the fans, how about $5 or $10 a month for Lee?

    Peace be upon you all.

  36. Finally got around to donating a little scratch today 🙂 Keep up the great work Lee!

  37. Well, then you didn’t delete it, my apologies. But I saw it on the screen, perhaps it was being evaluated before publishing, I cannot account for the final actions. However, now I will have to revisit your clips if I am to make a subsequent commentary. Not sure I have the time, but I appreciate your response.

  38. I see my first post got deleted. Ok. But, leecamp, you’re really not all that brave afterall are you? Or even confident in what you profess.

  39. Great stuff, you’ve got a new fan! Skewering (squeamishing?) the far right is so easy, they write their own material. You keep up the good work, and ride those bastards like the pigs they are.

  40. Lee, Thanks for speaking out…your rant towards WI congresscritter the delicate Glen Grothman was right on the mark…

  41. You should duke it out in a UFC style comedy fight with Dennis Miller. You would do a great verbal ground and pound on his pseudo intellectual right wing bullshit.

  42. Loved, loved, loved this. Insightful and still funny. Found this through DailyKos. I’m a fan.

  43. Count me in among your new fans who found you through dailyKos. Love that you got a chance to speak the truth on a network that generally doesn’t allow any. 🙂

  44. Got My attention…! About FOX Nuws, Senator Slob, “Lee Camp” I’ll remember that name. Sure would be a Good Thing if Mr. Camp could continue with his wit, to the point of getting America to wake up…, Let’s get some attention on this young man. He might be the one to get what started in Tunisia and Egypt, going in America. Kind of like: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” kind of movement against Wall Street, the Banksters, et al.

    This is Great, Keep it Up!!!

  45. That is awesome, I’m glad somebody said that on-air while on Fox News. If I had the opportunity I would have done the same thing

  46. Lee,

    THANK YOU. My wife and I both work for the state of MN and got the best laughs we’ve had in weeks watching your videos here. Found you via Daily Kos, and look forward to getting your album. Hope you are coming to Minnesota soon.


  47. you must have touched a nerve to get such eloquent hate mail. you cut the strings of the pretty fox puppets, and left them in a puddle…well done.

  48. I want to marry you but I’m a little younger than Rosanne. Really great to have just discovered you off of DailyKos. Keep speaking truth to power Lee.

    Your newest fan,

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