If you came here for the FREE album…

If you came here for the free download of my 2011 comedy album “Chaos for The Weary,” I’m sorry, but you missed it. It just ended. However, you can download tracks from the album for only 99 cents on iTunes or Amazon. I also have a newer album called “Pepper Spray The Tears Away.” Hope you enjoy it.

And keep fighting…

  1. Looking forward to the album (I just donated $25) because of my motto, “If you like it.. support it” which applies equally to political causes and breasts. I’m also buying the rest of your first album on iTunes because you can actually manage to get me to laugh about the F***ED UP (I know… you find cuss words offensive.) WAY this country this country is run. I don’t normally donate to get free stuff but I’m making an exception in your case.
    First I discovered George Carlin, then Lenny Bruce (out of order, I know). It’s not hyperbole to put you on par with those guys. Thanks for not selling out. Meanwhile I’m going back to the couch to put on my Snuggie so I can fill my face with junk food that’s so scientifically processed that’s it practically guaranteed to simulate orgasm, watch the “real” &”balanced” news on CNN so I can entirely forget that all the politicians are doing their best to reem the 99% for the benefit of the one 1%. After all, that’s the way it’s ALWAYS been (except for a few aberrant centuries here or there) since money was invented. Hell, we should look forward to serfdom on the estate of the likes of Dick Cheney and the other Neocons!!! Sorry… I got carried away there… I really just meant to say …. uh….”thanks.”

  2. Damn. I was behind on my podcast listening already when Sandy Hook knocked the wind out of my sails, and I had to take a mental health break from the news. Just trying to get back into the news/politics thing now and heard this, but I guess I just missed it. Oh well, no worries; it was super cool of you to even offer it. I’m sure I’ll buy it eventually. You’re already on my list of comedy albums I want anyway. Keep up the good work, man! You rock.

  3. Anyone who is interested or mulling over the possibility of buying “Pepper Spray The Tears Away” I would do it! It is hilarious and infuriating at the same time. I actually use a few tracks from it on my workout playlist to get me pissed off and work harder.

    BUY IT!

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