MomentOfClarity #6 – The Supreme Court Is A Disaster!

  1. Well, Hi Lee!
    Coming as I do from Down Asunder, where it’s illegal to not break the law, and worse to obey the (True) Laws (ask any cop), I see there’s something of a move against ‘the courts’ in the US.

    The upper end of courts, as to the validity of judges making laws, and so, ruling, as you say, in favor of the big end of town corporations, etc.

    In your example of your court system, but where in western (christian) nations is it not the same, sure, the bias of ‘the ruling judiciary’ is so totally anti-democratic (same as christianity) that you’re all correct in bitching about these judicial brats and the corrupt courts and system.

    However, the people, sheeple sleeple, are also corrupt. So leaving laws, lawmaking, and ruling on guilt or not, to the sleepy sheeple, is no improvement.

    That’s why I chant “Democracy is dangerous if the people are stupid”.

    So, it’s a case of 1st, educating everyone, to know
    1a, how to think, then
    1b, teaching them the most important, actually few, laws which determine so many other laws, and ways we can or not go about living life.

    THEN…., let the People be the Judges, on the basis that they have learned what are Impartial laws, know how to think about issues, sometimes very complex in legal cases, and so they know how to apply them to ALL, legal situations and cases, etc.

    And that general area of consideration, is why we do have courts, and judges, and tiers of courts. Because “law”, but the issuing of it, gets complicated, and covers whole ranges of issues, of crimes, and so of what to do with the crims, etc.

    ALL, because some very few basic laws are ignored, by, the fuckin’ courts!

    Sayin’…, there is a or several places for things like the Supreme Court, and lesser courts, etc. Even tho, some portion of courts, become needed purely because some primary laws have been ‘redacted’ (if I may?) so in fact most of the carry-on in legal cases is pure hyperbole of the most erudite college grads, ‘lawyers’, exhibiting their bloated, wordy egos, full of dribble around any fundamental reality that the laws being used in any case are based upon, as you point to, the ruling classes versions of ‘laws’. ET cetera!

    I’m being buzzed by an ASIO-CIA spook overhead (Pilatus PC9 ex RAAF trainer planes owned by a gang of ‘minder and stalker’ spooks nearby; out of the “East Sale RAAF Base”), So the link may be cut.

    So BYE!

    (More to rant for later…! Gonna listen to you again to get the rest to add to.)

    On another issue; What if…., a law was made so that EVERY social media platform on Earth, had to make available…, for free…, the option for users to view their sites via a yet-to-be-invented “Uni-Social-Media” app? For video and podcasters too!
    Where people could DNLD the app, and it would be there for them to apply to all social media sites they go to, so that EVERY KEYSTROKE, every video, every social media page, scroll, stream etc etc, could be used by people by the same shortcuts and keystroke system!
    Because, as it is, and it’s gonna get worse, learning every SM platform’s ‘steering wheel, instrument panel, switches, pedals’ etc., (as per driving cars), I’m fuckin’ sure, is sending people nuts. More than, yeah!
    So, if say, all company’s agreed to or were made to make their own sites able to be converted, by the users’ DNLDD app, to run on one common system, where all social media platforms worked with one common, universal setup, people could roll from one to another without short-circuiting in their bwains recalling which keystroke applies to each site.

    “BREAKING; Peeps have stopped going so fucking crazy online!”



  2. “Since the company isn’t the owner of the public info and it isn’t the driver either, you can’t call ‘Shotgun’. You are awarded nothing. Sit down and shut up, Zuckerberg.” -The Honorable Rodney Grant, Supreme Court Justice and part-time handy-man at my apartment building.

  3. Great rant! Pogo sticks, I’ll have you know, are dangerous to the inexperienced user. Not quite as bad as were misguided Lawn Darts, but pretty bad.

  4. Doing my best to put out the word here in the Trumptatsic rural borderlands of southeastern TN. No death threats yet… but have been referred to as having a “mental disease” in responses featured in the local newspaper. Editor of the Polk County News in Benton, TN is a fellow Perot supporter who would LOVE your perceptive analysis. Maybe you might send him some written work?

    Once again… if you enter the Redneck Quadrangle, please let me know.

    Keep Fighting (with words and pictures)


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