“Vaginas, Sea Level, And The Banning Of Reality” – MOC #149

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  1. To Native Son, get your family to watch the Deadwood series and Lee’s flowery language will no longer be a problem.

    The North Carolina problem with institutionalized bigoted ignorance is reminiscence of the Inquisition. Shortly after the Crusades in the 14th century, the Catholic Inquisition began with the 35-year long destruction of the peaceful and community minded Cathars in South France in a region known as the Languedoc. The crime against these humble and pious people is that they were Gnostics. They believe in God but feel God is only known by knowing creation so they sought knowledge and believed a person didn’t need an intermediary between themselves and their perception of God. After all, people create God in their mind and apparently the God of North Carolina is a bit part actor in Deliverance.
    The Catholic Church’s Inquisition was the biggest institutionalized terrorism network in history spanning over 600 years. It morphed after the slaughter of the innocent Cathars into the Spanish Inquisition, Roman, and was brought to the New World by Columbus. The Inquisition’s mission which was to stomp out tolerance of any ideology other than that dictated by the hierarchy of Rome, an exclusive patriarchal system that excluded women. The torture dungeons and the demented instruments and practices in the dungeons were conducted by the Franciscan and Dominican Friars acting on behalf of their bishops and Popes. Their mission was to spread terror and effectively stomp out any and all inclination to independent thinking. Any organized group, Jews, liberals, women, gypsies, scientists, (Christians as were the Cathars who thought Catholics were anti-christian), were targeted and terrorized to such an extent and for such a long time that there continues a tradition today of a cowering herd mentality of going along to get along. Careerism is part of this and that explains our corporate masters dominating politicians and media. To this day we have three major city states, The Vatican, City of London, and Washington DC. Each is interconnected to the others; all have Egyptian Obelisks, although the DC version is not from Egypt. Each is basically independent from their host country and each share power. The Vatican promulgates the talking snake theory of original sin that all major religions subscribe to and they field the Knights of Malta, Jesuits and Opus Dei types that infest our politics, Supreme Court and Bush’s military, then there’s the City of London, the HQ for the world’s finance where the Rothschild’s legacy continues to keep Americans in indentured servitude through the Federal Reserve (Private Bankers issuing and controlling our money based on debt and debt repayment through the IRS, both founded in 1913). The City of London field the Pilgrim Society and Carroll Quigley’s Milner Group. And the US is the world’s police force, used to project corporate ambitions and the global race to the bottom via taxpayers’ dollars and lives. Our political system is infested with egotistical front men backed by the oil Koch bros, Exxon/Mobil et al, Heritage Foundation, Council of Foreign Affairs, a stepchild of the Milner Group, the Trilateral Association and any number of think tanks with people clever enough to stay in the shadows, ensuring their ability to walk about in society unchallenged, unlike their political front men sycophants. You would have thought that people would have had a Wizard of Oz, pull back the curtain moment when the boy clown George W. Bush assumed the highest “official” office in the world. It didn’t take long for most people to realize this dipshit couldn’t manage a 7/11.
    Peace and Out.

  2. Lee – where can I find the safe for work version? I hope I can share it on FB so my extended family can get a taste of the TRUTH for once. I am just trying to give them a way to listen which won’t offend some of their sensitive ears!
    Thanks Bro – and keep speaking Truth To Power!

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