MOC #9 – Did Your Favorite War Criminal Win?

  1. You didn’t read Friedman. Before, the evil Qaddafi shut down all the traditional Libyan economy, the souq eabd, and instead ran Libya on stolen American oil. Now, that impoverished, brutal dictatorship and state sponsor of terror is a peaceful and prosperous democracy, all those souq eabd have re-opened (and Obama’s relatives are providing a lot of the merchandise), and all that Libyan oil has been returned to its rightful owners, the US oil companies. Obama is a Great Hero, and Biden helped. A lot.
    Trump three times ordered all US troops to come home from Syria. The first time, he was told NEVER to say that, since the US President must pretend he is really Commander in Chief, but the generals will never do anything the MIC does not like, so the president must always ask before saying anything. The second time, his Defence Secretary resigned in disgust. The third time, they told Trump, ‘We are NOT there to spread democracy, we are only there to steal all the oil,’ and Trump said, ‘Oh. Sorry. I’m OK with that.’
    As war criminals go, Trump is a rank amateur compared to St Joe, who has promised regime change in Syria, Russia, and China. As a Russian employee, you probably don’t know that Russia has been murdering Americans for four years while Trump, Putin’s puppet, did nothing, but St Joe told us all about this Russian travesty, and that he will make the Russians pay dearly for their crimes.
    Fortunately, regime change in Russia and China will cause CoViD-19 to cease to be a significant problem. I figure, by the end of January 2021, no one will think about CoViD-19. Actually, by the end of January 2021, St Joe may have ensured that there is no one. Period.

  2. Brilliant Lee. You make it all sound so reasonable, shame your president is a dick but then so are most leaders of their country. You can only get the job if your a narcissist anyway. Keep it up mate. Love from G.B.

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