MOC #63 – Fighting The Trolls (w/ Misty Winston)

  1. I can’t quite workout the logic of MichaelWme’s letter. I think he is being sarcastic but it sounds a bit like he is supporting US imperialism. E.g. Granada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya & Syria as greatest threats to world peace. when the USA is the greatest threat to world peace. I must be misunderstanding. It must be sarcasm.
    I don’t know who Barbarossa is.

  2. 1. Many were so unhappy with St Hillary they either stayed home or voted 3rd party. The Democrats responded just as one would expect: they screamed: EVERYONE who failed to vote early and often for St Hillary was utterly Deplorable and should be ashamed for letting Trump, the very worst Head of State EVER, get elected. Don’t you terrible people ever do such an utterly evil thing again!
    And many listened, based on the 2020 vote.
    2. Biden supported wars against some of the greatest threats to World Peace: Grenada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, & Syria. But St Joe is ready to finally stop the Evil PRC and the Evil Russians. Compared with Grenada or Panama, these will both be much easier to pacify. After all, everyone knows the PRC Navy is just junk. And the Russians were easily defeated by the Japanese in 1905, and the Japanese were easily defeated by the US of A 40 years later, so the US won’t have the slightest problem breaking up the Russian Federation and the PRC and making them into a bunch of small, impuissant, unarmed nations. Maybe the US can get that Barbarossa fellow to help us out, since I understand he did a great job in WWII.

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