MOC #58 – They Don’t Want Us Talking About This (w/ Kit Cabello)

  1. I think converting your patreon into
    Euros is smarter than making it into

    I would like to hear Naomi Karavani
    On Libsyn because I am heterosexual.
    And I like emotion more than content.

  2. Operation Chokepoint
    Has take down ‘Parler” and “Gab”

    George Galloway is on “Telegram”

    Suzie 3D Dawson is criticle.

    Stan Freberg was fun on the radio
    But Jello did not like him.Stan Freberg did not smoke.

    See Rod Serling’s. Comments on Sponsors. Serling did smoke.
    His sponsor was Chesterfield and Fatimas.

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