MOC #34 – Free Assange & Other Actions For Right Now

  1. The judge in the Assange case said he was guilty as sin, but UK law prohibits confining anyone is a prison as bad as the American prisons, so she wants Assange to serve his Life Sentence in a humane British prison. Meanwhile, Biden has said Assange is a terrorist, but he might figure leaving Assange in a UK prison is just as good as putting him in a US prison.
    And Biden is BFF of the health insurance executives, and the pain Medicare for All would be for those executives is too horrible to think of, and Biden will fight Medicare for All, unless it makes Part B priced at normal prices for private insurance. (Part A, which is free, covers hospice care for your last couple of weeks; if you want more, you must buy Part B, which is currently cheap, but that desperately needs to be fixed.)

  2. Erm, just left 2 replys which aren’t getting posted, am I doing something from my end ?

  3. We need voices like yours more than ever Lee. I recently joined PanQuake and will support you, Graham, Jimmy, Whitney, Slow News Day, The Convo Couch, Jason Bermas, Max B, We are Change, Katie Halper and sooo many others, Chris Hedges, Craig Murray.. and so many others. Thank you to all you people who are REAL investigative journalists who at least question the billionaire owned main stream narrative.
    I recently went premium on Rokfin to Slow News Day ( because of the valued commitment they have shown for Julian Assange ) then I felt guilty for not supporting Whitney Webb for her most valuable information and insight. I now want to fund both Whitney and Slow News Day equally. ( Bye Bye Netflix.) Graham eloquently explained the other day how you all benefit from the Ray on Rokfin. Love it ! keep spreading your good work. The world needs warrior souls like yours. Humanity will prevail over insanity. x

  4. And people still think a vaccine from these billionaires is for the interest of public health ? Guess who has shares in the billion dollar vaccine industry ? Joe Biden, Boris Johnson BILL GATES a self proclaimed eugenicist. Why would anyone in their right mind take medicine from a Eugenicist ( Ie, someone who thinks the culling of a population is justifiable ie. the murder of innocent people based on a self held belief system ? ) Why would the very people who have shut down our economies and don’t care if we starve to death or not ,suddenly care about our health ? Jeeze, sell me another lie, hmm maybe I don’t have any money to buy this one. Oooh the irony.

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