MOC #30 – Media Pushes False Bounties Story Yet Again!

  1. I read the New York Times article, and it is anti-Trump and anti-Russia, not anti-China. The Times ‘know’ Russia paid bounties, reliable US intelligence sources have proof (Top Secret, so no patriotic American would need or want to see any of it), but Trump is trying to falsely implicate China to take the heat off Russia. The Russian bounty sources were very reliable, the China bounty sources were ‘uncorroborated’ and ‘false or misleading’.
    I also saw (on RT) a Democrat say that it’s a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory that the proven Russian theft of the 2016 election was a hoax.

  2. Ha! So the NYT just fabricates “news” like the Caliphate story? Michael Barbaro’s fiance was one of the producers of Caliphate, and instead of being fired she gets promoted? Maybe the NYT aspires to be the Natl Inquirer of the 21st century, but it’s not anywhere near as entertaining. I personally think they ought to focus on bigfoot stories and alien abductions.

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